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Weight Loss Tips – Restriction Not Refusal

by Dave on February 4, 2010

They say a little of what we fancy is good for us, and I think it applies very well to weight loss.  I think  a significant reason for my own weight loss success was down to the fact that no foods were off limits. Before I became a retired dieter last year I would always be on some diet that would have something that was not allowed. No white bread, no white rice, no butter,  no pasta, or worse no alcohol !.

At the start of last year, and with  a large amount of weight to lose, I knew that I would not be able to refuse the foods I liked over a long period of time. The key to healthy weight loss is variety, and enjoying your favourite foods without guilt while just eating less. Short periods of calorie restriction is much more manageable for long term weight loss than trying to cut calories every single day.  So my weight loss tip is to restrict the amount of your favourite foods, but certainly don’t refuse them. If you eat more than you should, then compensate for it later. View your calories over a week, not by a day, it is normal that some days will be less than others, just make sure that over the longer period your calories are less than you need. No matter what many will try and tell you, it is about calories in and calories out. Eat less calories than you need and you will lose weight, eat too much, and you will gain weight. In my case enjoying the foods I love and then using intermittent fasting to restrict calories and burn body fat  has enabled me to finally get the results I have wanted. Weight loss is about the bigger picture, not trying to lose 30lbs in one month while refusing anything you like. When I accepted dieting was not the answer, and just focused on eating less, I finally started losing weight, no special plans, magic weight loss pills or diet secrets required.

Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat and John Barban’s Anything Goes Diet are  ways you can look to cut calories and lose weight  without giving up what you love.

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  • Tina

    Oh my…
    Started IF today. My first workout in more than 6 months today–my first 24h fast day–2-handed kettlebell swings and push ups.

    It was NOT a pretty picture! I’m sure it wouldn’t have been even if I had not been fasting, but…dang.

    How did I let myself get this out of shape???

    Dave, how did your first few fasting workouts go? I think I remember that you had been recovering from an injury and had not worked out in 6 mos. or so at the beginning of your IF way of life???

    After the first couple of weeks did you start to feel less weakened by the fast while working out?

    Here’s to hoping this is the case for me soon (me, breaking fast, toasting with a 12 ounce home-made cappuccino)!!!

    • Dave

      Hi Tina,

      I found the first few workouts tough, I still do when I switch to a new one. As you are just starting back, the main thing is to build up slowly, doing a little more at each session. Progression is the key. I first started with walking, and the more simple bodyweight exercises. I did not find the fasting made any difference in terms of affecting my performance. I was weak simply because, as you say, I had not done anything for so long because of the injuries. I did start to feel less weakened after the first few weeks, but I think this was the combination of improving fitness and strength and of course the lbs reducing !

      Fasting day for me today, so I am on a large Americano ;)

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