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Weight Loss Tips – My View

by Dave on January 19, 2010

Well my weight loss before and after pictures resulted in quite a few emails, so I will try and answer the best questions by creating a  weight loss tips series, but  for today here is my weight loss video experiment.  I am still getting used to this video blogging lark , and it still feels a bit strange to be talking into a camera, but I am getting there, and intend to stick with it.

As I mention in the video, It is very hard to give one main weight loss tip, but I do think it is about getting a better relationship with food. Don’t think of foods in terms of good or bad. They say variety is the spice of life, so keep your food choices varied, and enjoy the foods you eat.


So if you are just starting out on your plan to lose weight, what would be the best advice I could give ?  this post on tips to lose weight would be where to start.

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  • Margery


    GREAT advice! This is the beauty of this lifestyle, the total freedom from obsession. I re-started IF on Dec 28th of 2009, as I did not want to approach it as a “diet”, and make another New Year’s resolution that I would eventually break. So, I decided to become a “retiree”. No more pills, pre packaged foods, Weight Watchers, Sensa, Low Carb—NO MORE TORTURE!!!! I thoght it would be hard to come back but it has not been hard. The first 3 or 4 days was a getting used to period, but now I am “sailing” along. It will be 1 month at the end of this week. I have not weighed myself yet, but can honestly say that I am on my way to losing a size!!! Everything is fitting better and I can see a change even in the shape of my face!!! Amazing!!! Thanks so much for your advice!

    • Dave

      Hey Margery,

      Great to hear you doing so well as a ” retiree ” too ;)

  • Ryan

    Dave, I find your story inspiring, and you look great in your before and after photos. You have convinced me to give IF a chance to work for me, but I must admit that I am nervous about making food choices after so many years of chasing the “Holy Grail” of the best nutritional answer. How do you eat on non-fasting days to insure that you aren’t accidently “overcompensating” for the fast?

    • Dave

      Hi Ryan,

      Well not sure I look great in the before pictures, but I will agree I look better in the afters !.
      Thanks for your question,

      I can only say I eat normally. At the start it was different, so I can relate to where you are at now. I found after the first few fasts I became much more aware of my eating habits. I wrote about some of them here

      Also remember that it is important to not view your food choices as good or bad. I am proof you can lose weight eating the type of foods that we are told to avoid. Of course I don’t eat Burgers and Pizza every day, but when I do eat them ( And with 2 kids it is often ) I no longer think I am doing something wrong. I can’t stress enough how big a deal that is. As a retired dieter,it was important to me I did not think think I was in some way damaging my weight loss effort, I enjoy what I eat, I eat a varied diet without the previous obsessive compulsions I used to have when trying to follow some restrictive diet plan.

      When your fast is over, the main thing to do is eat as if the fast never happened, just forget about it. It will get easier, and as I.F. becomes more part of your normal lifestyle, you won’t even think about over compensating. Like many things in life it becomes a routine. The more you do it, the easier it gets, and the less you will think about having a bit extra because you fasted yesterday.

      My advice to any newbie would have to be this…. Make your main focus for the first few weeks just completing the fasts, don’t worry about what you eat on the non fasting days, let your common sense guide you.

      Hope that helps.

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  • skinny girl

    Great advice. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I like controversial statements like this, because most of the internet is filled with the same old story “Don’t eat junk food and fattening foods while counting your calories”. Keep it up!

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