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Weight Loss Success Pictures

by Dave on January 15, 2010

My Weight Loss Success Pictures

So time for some more of my weight loss pictures. I have to say,putting these together side by side did shock me. Of course as time goes on, you realise you are losing weight and looking better, but I don’t think anything compares to seeing your before and after pictures side by side.

My Doctor tells me I am now in great shape and health for my age, so for any nutritionists reading who are going to lecture me that I am doing something wrong , please save it for a weight loss forum, because I am not listening.

Weight Loss Success Pictures

I know I keep saying it, but weight loss is not complicated, even though the diet industry makes it that way. So  please stop wasting your money on diet pills, and diet supplements, you don’t need anymore diet books. Stop listening to all the crap out there about what you should and should not do.  Become a retired dieter too, and you WILL lose weight. Just give your body a chance to work the way it was meant to. Let it do it’s job, and you will get these results too, without giving up on the food and drinks you love. OK lecture over, it’s Friday night, I am going for a few beers.

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Any questions about my weight loss success pictures,  just ask what you want in the comments and I will reply. Comments are moderated to keep out all the acai berry and diet pill crap,but I will approve the rest and I will reply.

weight loss success pictures

This Before Brought Home How Much I Have Changed

This Before Brought Home How Much I Have Changed

Weight Loss Success

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  • Margery

    Amazing! You look great and I am SURE you feel great too!!! Thanks for posting!

    • Dave

      Thanks Margery,

      Yes I have never felt better than I do now. I can’t remember when I last felt this good.

  • William Holton

    you have done a remarkable job. Dave – you are the Subway Jared of IF – and not near as annoying!! I have been researching IF and it seemed to be really popular about two years ago and then it seems that people lost interest in the IF concept. You are really the only person that I have found who has successfully utilized IF on a long term basis and kept a journal of your progress – (outside of fitness gurus who were already in great shape prior to IF).

    • Dave

      Thanks William. I think I.F. is still popular, but If I can help spread the word I will be very happy. I know your just starting out on your own weight loss journey, so again I want to say best of luck, and any help or advice I can pass on, you know where to find me.

  • Sheila Marie Tan

    You even look taller! Or is that just me!? This is really interesting. I’m going to read your blogs first and see if I can try it out. :) Congrats!

    • Dave

      Hi Sheila, Thanks . I know what you mean with the pictures though. When I first looked at the photos, I also thought I had grown 2 feet, but I am certainly still the same height !. Obviously losing the weight gives me a better shape and been leaner I look taller.

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  • Metroknow

    Wow, truly inspiring. I am also really loving IF, and in combo with what makes sense for me (and what doesn’t make me crazy with fad techniques) I’m down almost 17 lbs this month so far.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Dave

      Hey Metroknow,

      Thanks for posting.

      Yes I am following your story, your doing fantastic too. I think what you say about what makes sense for you is the right way to look at it. There are too many people trying to tell us how to do it, but if what you do works for you, that is good enough.

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  • Omar

    Hi Mr.Dave.
    my tears come out are looking great done great job..
    i am young but still i cant burn my fats ..its really hurting me..i tried alot and always doing dieting hope to learn from you ,looking to ur photos encourage me again .and give me hope

    thanks dear and wish you happy life


  • Paula

    Just posted a link to this post in my recent blog post. Great job!!

    • Dave

      Thanks Paula, you are not doing so bad yourself ;)

  • Brian


    you have truly inspired me! If you do mind – how tall are you? Do you track your BMI – Body Mass Index. Thanks

    • Dave

      Hi Brian,

      I am 5 feet 10 inches. Yes my scales also show BMI.

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  • dustin

    how many calories did you eat on the days you were not fasting?

    • Dave


      I looked at it more over a week, not day to day, weekends higher.
      I would work it out by base BMR which around 1700 cals per day, x 7, and that was my weekly total. The fasts would then just help me stay around 12000 cals for the week.
      Hope that helps

  • dustin

    have another question for you.

    did you have any weeks when you didnt lose any weight?

    Also wondering if yes how many times it happened.


    • Dave

      Hey Dustin,

      Yes I did, have a few weeks where I would not lose. I did hit a weight loss plateau about 6 months in, which you can read what I said here I would say though that mainly when I did not lose weight, it was simply because my calories were not low enough. In the early days I did not adjust for the amount of weight I was losing. The more we lose, the less calories we need.


  • Aidy

    Yes, I agree IF works great, i’m currently on it and the result is amazing. Tried it after the birth of my third child, ever wish to remain there.

  • Gnome

    This is amazing – I’m a 41 year old female – who’s been on diets since I was 31 which is when the weight started sneaking on!
    After all these diet efforts I have moved from a curvy size 12 (have big hips and erm other bits! lol) to a size 16 – who I am kidding probably 18! :’(
    I have just started fasting – I am planning to do a longer fast first of all – on day 4 and have lost 4kg already! and then switch to your life style after.
    What I’m really worried about is saggy skin! :’(
    I am really inspired by your blogs!
    I would love to hear you story! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Dave

    I found skin did tighten as the weight came off. At one point what I though was saggy skin was just where I still had fat ( lower abdoman )

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