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Weight Loss Success – Fat Loss Proof.

by Dave on January 12, 2010

Weight Loss Success was my goal a year ago. I was always concerned about putting my weight loss pictures online, not because I was worried about my pictures going online for everyone to see, but for the fact they could be taken and used to promote some scam diet pill like acai berry. As an internet marketer I have seen it happen, so I had been reluctant to make them available. I did however want to prove to a few sceptics that my weight loss transformation is true. So today I made a quick video to provide some fat loss proof.

In this video you can see my weight loss before and after photos, which I hope help prove that this blog is a true weight loss story, and I did lose the body fat I claim.

As I am the biggest technophobe when it comes to creating videos and putting pictures in them, I just want to say a big thanks to Jonathan at Guitar Tips Weekly for helping me with it. He’s a bit of a video guru as far as I am concerned. He’s also a great guitar player too ;)

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  • Jonathan

    Haha, you’re welcome… I’ll even attest that the photos weren’t doctored ;)

    • Dave

      Yes, good job you were on a fast when you were working on those ;) The before ones could be good to use if ever you start feeling hungry, they should put your off eating anything !

  • Dan

    Dave, just spent the least hour reading your blog after stumbbling across is whilst researching I.F. Amazing results, and was this just on 2 days out of 7 fasting a week or did I read wrong?

    • Dave

      Hey Dan,

      After fasting twice per week for the first 8 weeks I did then experiment with longer eating windows for a period last year, so during the week from Monday to Thursday I only ate between the hours of 5 and 8 allowing me more flexibilty on weekends , which I found was the period I was eating the most. However my normal routine has always been 2 fasts per week. 2 fasts out of 7 have given and continue to give me the best results. As you use it, you just become more aware of your your own eating habits, I then found it easier to adjust my normal eating days.

      Probably the best advice I can give is, if I was to start again, knowing what i know now, and what I have experienced over the last year, I would just use 2 fasts per week as per Eat Stop Eat

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