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Weight Loss Help : This Time Make A Change

by Dave on January 6, 2012

Need some weight loss help ?  Well I hope I can pass on some pointers from my ongoing weight loss tips series that help get you get where you want to be. This weight loss blog is now 3 years old.  It started  January 1st 2009, and in the beginning, it was my own way of documenting my personal weight loss journey.  Since that time, I have not only lost the weight I wanted to lose, but have remained in my ideal weight range for over 2 years, but it was not always this way….

weight loss help

Prior to becoming a Retired Dieter in 2009 I battled with the same issues  as millions of other people trying to lose weight . I would start a diet, lose some weight, falter, and gain it back.  I would say it took me 16 years of riding this diet  roller coaster before I figured out diets as we know them simply don’t work.  Do a search at for diet books, see how many show up promising the best way to lose weight , then ask yourself , why are there so many diet books, but the population continues to get fatter ?

Benjamin Franklin  “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Benjamin Franklin said that “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Yet every year, this is what we do with trying to lose weight. We pick yet another diet, stop all the things we like, then a few weeks later, it all comes crashing down. We get frustrated, we feel we have failed, and we gain back what we lost and more, only to then try another  new diet later in the year, maybe to be in shape for the beach, the bikini diet anyone ? Then once that one fails we slip back to our old routines, waiting for the next new year resolution and the search for  ” fast weight loss ” starts again.

We are only 6 days into the  New Year, but as I write this, my blog traffic is at a record high. Last January was the same. Every new year we start with good intentions of losing weight, and in the vast majority of cases, the results don’t last.  So if you really want to lose weight, and you want that weight loss to be permanent, then is it not time to break with usual diet routines that have failed you in the past  ?  Dare I say it, maybe it’s time to become a Retired Dieter too ?  and learn what really matters when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

I have said on a number of occasions on this blog that weight loss is simple, its just not easy.  Let me explain what I mean by that.

Weight Loss Is Simple =  If you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. A calorie deficit however you create it will bring about weight loss. It really is that simple.

Weight Loss Is Not Easy =  Means you have to find a way of creating that deficit that works for you long term. On top of that, you have family gatherings, social events,  fast food companies advertising to you all day long on tv and radio, all of which are combining to disrupt your weight loss efforts. There is no point making it even harder then, by choosing a diet plan that then tells you that you need to cut out foods , or food groups you like. We have been there and done that, and we know how it ends.  So let’s change it.

I have come a long way in 3 years. I am no longer obese, and I am finally liberated from dieting and stressing about what I should or should not eat.  I now think more than ever, I can help others do the same.

What interests  me, is looking back over the last 3 years I know what I did worked, and how it worked ( the calorie deficit ) but what I am now trying to get a greater understanding of are the reasons behind why it worked.  More than ever, the last 3 years have shown me that losing weight has more to do with the mental aspect than anything else. Let me elaborate on the mental side of things. Here are things that have changed for me that have more to do with the mentality of weight loss or weight control.

1.  I no longer think that if I don’t eat at least 3 meals a day this will have some detrimental effect on my metabolism

2.  I know that if I was busy and miss lunch, I can wait for dinner and save those calories, I no longer panic thinking ” I missed lunch I better eat something now ”  - Again that is mental and it was how I would think in the past.

3.  When you see positive results ( In my case losing 70lbs ) you have more mental strength to ignore the countless people who tell you that how you are trying to lose weight or control your weight is wrong. In my case, this mental strength is even stronger today, it is far easier to be strong in my belief on weight loss, when most people who start this debate with me, are in worse shape then I am, yet think they know better.  Again when I started out 3 years ago, those early weeks, were tough, it’s why I now advise anyone starting out to keep the fact they are trying to lose weight private. Weight loss opinions from family and friends are one of the main obstacles you have to overcome when it comes to losing weight.

4.  I no longer feel guilty about eating foods I enjoy. I don’t obsess over food anymore. Again, this is a mental change, but let me explain what I mean in more detail.

We can’t get away from the fact, that as humans, we like foods that contain fat sugar and salt. Our favourites most likely contain all 3, though you would probably not know it ;). I still hear many people say ” I should not be eating this ” or ” this is bad for me but I like it ” . You can read everywhere that  Sugar is bad for you, Salt is bad for you,  Fat is bad for you, but the simple fact is those 3 things in one form or another are in just about everything we eat, and you can’t get away from it. Want a low fat yogurt ? then the fat will have been replaced with sugar to make it taste good. Unless you are going to create every single thing you eat at home in a strict way, the chances of you avoiding the so called bad foods are just about zero.

“All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; only the dose permits something not to be poisonous ” – Paracelsus

Food companies spend billions on creating and marketing foods that contain all 3 , so from a mental stand point you have to learn how to manage it, saying you should not eat them isn’t the answer, it’s a fight you can’t win. Only by changing how you think about the foods you eat can you overcome this unhelpful  mental issue of good and bad foods. As John Barban is fond of saying ” The Poison Is In the Dose ” . OK well it was actually Paracelsus who said “All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; only the dose permits something not to be poisonous.”  But John used it in the diet context. My point is, that we can’t get away from eating these foods, but we can limit the dose. In my view, that is a far better mental attitude than trying to kid yourself you can give them up and “eat healthy”.

I am not a scientist, doctor  or a psychologist, I have no deep understanding of biology  but I am aware that how I look at food, and how I eat has changed. I still eat the same food, it is not like I stopped eating anything that I enjoyed in the past, but there is no question there has been a change. My own view  is that  Intermittent Fasting has to be a major reason for this. I don’t just mean from the point it helps me  in restricting  calories,although that is certainly a factor, but perhaps more in the possibility it helps reset chemical changes in the body or the brain. As I stated earlier,I am not qualified in any way to know if this is the case, but what I do know is the one constant tool in the last 3 years for controlling my weight has been Flexible Intermittent Fasting. This, at least to me means the theory is plausible. I think the science community call it a hypothesis ! So the idea that  I.F.  helps reduce the cravings for foods will be something I will be looking into more during the coming year. As I say, I know what I do works, I have now just reached a point where I would like to know in more details why it works.

So at the start of this  new year, are you going to make a change ?  From a personal point of view I am also making a few changes,and setting some new goals, but more about some of those in a post next week.

If you are new here, then feel free to go through the archives, you can see read from 3 years ago if you have the time. The other thing to do if you want weight loss help, is sign up in the top right hand corner for help and advice in losing weight from someone who has walked that road. If you want to learn more about  fasting to lose weight, then check out  my posts on eat stop eat .  Let’s make this the year of change.

If you are still in doubt about what I write here, or think fasting for weight loss is some kind of fad , consider this…  I am not doing this post after 1 week, 1 month or even after 1 year. I am posting this view based on 3 Years actual experience. That is 1 year of losing weight ( well it took 10 months as it turned out ) and 2 Years of maintaining a healthy weight range. You think maybe, just maybe I might be on to something ?  If you think I am wrong, then Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers are waiting to take your money…. AGAIN.

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I welcome comments and debate, but if you are just going to post a comment to get a link to a weight loss site for diet pills,colon cleanse  or the usual same old crap, don’t bother, as it won’t get approved, I do check all links. so save your time and mine. If you run a genuine site and post a good comment, it will get approved.

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  • Mike C

    Congratulations on your continued success! I’d be interested to hear more about how you’re finding the subjective difficulty of this approach over time. That is, does it seem easier now than during the first or second years? How is it different?

    • Dave

      @ Mike C

      Mike , that’s a great question. Looking back it was only hard for me the first few weeks. Thinking back to that time, the first motivation came from the fact I was losing weight very quickly, so the results motivated me. The more fasts I did, the easier they became.

      So I would say Jan 2009 when I started was hard. Jan 2010, 2011, and 2012, no difference. I think it took around 12 weeks for me for it to become that doing a fast was easy. I would say it is different now, because I know that taking a break from eating helps me control my weight. It’s not that I don’t ever overeat, it’s just I have learnt how to undereat to compensate !

  • Stan

    Our personal relationship to food fascinates me. Recently, I’ve come to realize food is a drug of sorts. I’ve noticed when I’m faced with a dramatic situation, one where I’m not in full control, I instantly think of a food to stick in my mouth, to pacify me for a bit. For those 3-5 minutes I feel great. Chocolate has a wonderful way of making me feel good for a brief amount of time. But, the drug doesn’t last long. Or, never long enough, anyway.

    As it is the “diet season,” I’ve started mine. I’m attempting to lose 50 pounds in 60 days. I’ve done this type of dramatic weight loss in the past, and I know I’ll hit my goal. My problem: Keeping the damn weight off.

    I know motivation is important, but to me it seems ” focus” is the key. For these next two months, I will have a laser focus on how I consume food, and making sure I get off my ass and take a lengthy walk each day. For whatever reason, I’ve been unable to maintain the focus for more than 3 months. Maybe it is so focused, it takes up too much energy, I don’t know.

    I’m not quite sure how I will go about losing the weight this time. There is a process I go through, and it morphs along the way. Last time I attempted this, I chose a 500 calorie a day diet, which caused friends and family to freak out. “Are you crazy?” “Oh, my. That’s just not good for you.”

    You know what? I felt great. I didn’t find it to be particularly difficult either.

    I haven’t tried intermittent fasting yet. But, it sounds like something I will cycle into my weight loss regime this go around.

    50 pounds. 60 days. Gentlemen. Start your engines….

    • Cameron

      How did you lose 50 pounds in 60 days? I am at 256 and am dreading to do this! I am willing to be committed to whatever I can do to get my health and my body where I know it can/needs to be!

      • Dave

        @ Cameron

        Not sure where you are getting 50 pounds in 60 days from ? In my first year ( 2009 ) I lost 56 pounds, I planned to do it in 12 months, but did it in 10 months. I started at 231 pounds. The weight came off quick at the start. I lost 23 pounds in the first 6 weeks, it then slowed down as I got leaner. If I was you, looking to be under 200lbs by the end of 2012 is a the way to go about it.

  • Jonathan

    Hey Dave, congrats on the continued success! Thanks for getting me started on intermittent fasting… I’ve decided to take it to a new level this year and get setup with an extra tall desk and a treadmill underneath, so I can walk off the weight while I work.

    Should be fun :-)

  • Scott

    Hi Dave

    I would think that why many people fail in their diet is because they fail to realise that being on a diet isn’t just a one off thing. It is a lifestyle.

    Like you, i’ve always struggled with my weight. I was a really fat kid. I recalled weighing close to almost 180lbs at age 10. How i rememeber this so vividly was because the other kids were sniggering when the nurse made a nasty comment. :)

    I went through lots of crazy diets, some worked most didnt. Those that worked didn’t last to long. My weight was bouncing even more than a yoyo.

    Finally decided to give my eating habits a major overhaul in my 20s and took me close to 3 years to reach my targeted weight.

    Good to know that you’ve been maintaining your weight. Its tough for me at times especially when i have a weakness for chips

    Looking forward to your future posts.

    Here’s to keeping it off.

  • verity

    Hi Dave,
    i have been reading your site this morning, after doing some internet research into IF.
    I am fast approaching 47 and have struggled with my weight since my early twenties. Like many. I have done lots of diets- though not so much in the last couple of years.
    now however i really have to get a grip, as my cholesterol is high and my fitness levels are awful. i started looking at the IF because of the benefits to my cholesterol, but have now been seduced by your weight loss story. well done . you are an inspiration.

    I am planning to start IF- in fact, lets say i have started- as Ive only had water so far this morning!
    do you advocate all day fasting- ie a calendar day, so missing all meals for 24 hours or does it not matter what time you start? could I have breakfast and then lunch, then fast till the next day tea time?
    Is the length of the fast important- can it be a bit or more or less than the 24 hrs?

    I think this is something I can maintain as I am one of those who becomes obsessed with food as soon as i start restricting food types. I can see the benefit of being able to eat the foods I love, but limiting the number of days/ hours i do so.

    would you suggest 48 hours in total over a week- that sounds reasonable to me, or should i do more/ less. I have a lot of weight to lose and need to find something that will help long term- I’m 5ft 1 and weigh 15 stone. I really need to lose tat least 4 stone, and probably a bit more- but sounds really scary!
    any help or advice would be really appreciated.

    thanks in advance

    • Dave

      @ Verity,

      I would advise you never go a day without food.

      In relation to when to fast, do it for what works best for you. For example in 3 years using I.F I only realised the other week that I have never done a Breakfast to Breakfast fast, not one in 3 years !! I have done plenty lunch to lunch fasts, so finishing lunch at say one day, then not eating again till 1pm the following day. My own personal fast though is from dinner to dinner. This fits best with the family.

      Again in terms of time to do it. I do like the eat stop eat method of 24hr fasts once or twice per week. But there are others that have less time, like the leangains 16/8 system. My advice would be to Try a 24 hour fast ( but still eating that day ) and see how you feel with that. Doing more or less really depends on how you feel doing them, if you start to feel they are in anyway restrictive, then you should cut back.

      Regards the amount of weight to lose, don’t look at that amount coming off in 12 weeks, look at losing it, over 2012. That would be the best advice I can give. That way you don’t set a goal that is hard to meet, and then feel you somehow failed.I set out to lose 56lbs in 12 months, not 12 weeks, it has to be realistic. This a change for good remember, no diet this time ;)

      • verity

        thanks Dave,
        i will take you advice about the start times- and not going a full day.
        today is a practice, and so far, although my tummy is grumbling, its been okay.
        will have something to eat tonight- as i last ate yesterday evening.

        and yes i will take the long view………after all , its taken a long time to get here, so i will be realistic.

        thanks again, I will let you know how I’m getting on if that’s okay

        • Dave

          Yep Verity, please keep me posted with how you are getting on. If you need to ask anything, you know where I am ;)

          PS if you tummy is grumbling, have another drink of water, or have a black or coffee or tea, I tend to find after no more than 10 minutes it goes away !

          • Fidelity

            Dave, what would u advice if we experience flatulence while fasting? Sometimes i get bloated(and it gets painful) when i fast.

          • Dave

            Hi Fidelity,

            well I am often bloated going into a fast, and the longer I am in the fasted state I find it eases, but I don’t find I get this problem come on during a fast. Not sure what I can suggest on that one, I tend to fast if I am bloated, I have not experienced the onset of bloating during the fast. Are you drinking a large amount of carbonated drinks during the fast ? As you are not taking in food , I am wondering what is causing it. Any artificial sweeteners in your tea or coffee ?

          • Fidelity

            I drink herbal infusions tea like fennel, peppermint, chamomile or fruit teas and also green teas. I do not drink any carbonated drinks even on non fast days. There are 2 types of bloatedness that I am feeling – while fasting (I think because my stomach is empty and it’s gas building inside?) and after I break fast (perhaps my food wasnt digested well or I was overeating?). This happens on some days that I fasted, while on other days I’m ok. I’m getting used to the IF and had been doing 6p-6p. I wanted to experiment lunch to lunch. But I have discipline issues when it comes to having calories in vs calories out. On non fast days, I kinda eat as if I’m afraid of starvation (especially when I wanted to do my IF the next day) – I believe this is just my psychological thinking. I wonder if other friends on your blog who is doing IF have the same problem.

  • Sharon

    I have to say I really enjoy your website. I think when I was a teen, I instinctively knew that fasting was better for me. I was very active in high school, I played soccer, and did cheerleading, and walked alot, because I lived in Japan at the time. I never ate breakfast, ate a small lunch because I wasn’t really that hungry, but always ate a big meal at night (you can’t beat Mama’s cooking!). I was very slim and in shape. When I got to college in the U.S., I got a car and drove everywhere, ate a ton more and of course gained weight. I then researched how to lose weight and always found the same advise…eat 6 small meals a day as well as exercise to lose weight. Fastforward 10 years, and I am now 80 pounds overweight. I must retrain my mindset, that I do not need to eat constantly…I am definitely not going to “starve to death” anytime soon! Anyway, I really appreciate your site, and find it an inspiration. Thanks!

  • Reena

    I love your blog Dave, it’s keeping me going since I’ve officially become a retired dieter after struggling and beating myself up on quick fix meal replacement diets for so long, regaining each find. 13lbs down over a few weeks I’m not looking back, doing dinner to dinner fasts. I have a lot to lose also. Just wondered if u count calories on days you eat?

    Thanks again :)

    • Dave

      Hi Reena,

      Great to hear things are going well, keep it up.

      I don’t really count them as such, mainly because it so tricky, , but It is fair to say I am aware of them and what my daily requirements are, so I try to guestimate my totals as best I can. Also over time that process gets easier because we tend to eat many of the same types of foods on a regular basis.

  • michelle gomes

    Hi Dave

    Thank you for your testimony and inspiration. I decided over the weekend that I was going to fast during the week and then eat normal on the weekends (as this is the hardest time to fast and the pressure of friends and family). I started on Monday and have been drinking a lot of water and the odd cup of tea now and then to break the monotony. I did have a spoon of baked beans last night, which I must say tasted great. My question is that I am very comfortable going without food for days on end, but would eating normally over a weekend cause a problem? what about the odd glass of wine …on an empty stomach as this use to be my highlight of the day after a long stressful day at work? I have 26 kg’s to loose and am determined that this is the year 2012.

    • Dave

      @ Michelle,

      I would say if that works for you, then go for it. Your goal is to work out a routine that enables you to lose weight,. If you know that weekends are tough, then going low in the week is fine. I would say that is pretty much as I do.
      Yep keep the wine ;) I am going to do a post shortly on Alcohol and weight loss, as I figure there has be more than me and you out there who likes a glass or 2 !

      • michelle gomes

        thank you Dave. Had a look at your before and after foto’s late yesterday and was really inspired. Thank you for sharing your journey, I look forward to reading more of your postings to keep me inspired :) Mich*

  • michelle gomes

    Hi Dave
    Based on your last statement above would you say that a spoon of sugar would be better than sweetner, as I hate the taste of sweetners?

    In your 1st year when you lost all the weight, what was a typical weeks menu/diary for you, ie. when you ate more of less what did you eat, how much and how long before your next meal?

    I have tried looking back on your blogs……..tks Mich*

    • Dave


      During the fast I would still avoid Sugar.

      As far as meals go, I didn’t really change much of what I ate. After starting to do 2 x 24 hour fasts per week, I did start to drop having breakfast, so often my first meal of the day would be Lunch. Non fasting days in the week, I would still look to stay below 1500 calories. Weekends were more higher. I have not done many posts showing what I eat, though here is one

      I have been thinking about showing more of what I eat daily, as I do get asked about it frequently. The reason I did not do it, is because I did not want that people think they have to follow what I do in terms of meals. As I have mentioned previously, we are all different and it’s about doing what works on a personal level, the only thing to do the same is using intermittent fasting to reduce calories. My main calorie savings came from doing the fasts and learning about my mindless eating that was happening between the regular meals. That was over 600 calories a day I had even really realised I was having. I talk about that here

      So to summarise, my regular meals did not,and have not changed, its the same foods, but less, even in year 1. I did experiment with fasting around 22 hrs on weekdays, but long term this was too restrictive for me personally.

  • Owen

    Thank you. I have recently also recently started a pilgrimage to lose weight and get in shape and it is hard. I read your blog because I am finding it hard to stay focussed and disciplined and I can see that there are many people out there who also have difficulty in losing weight. Honestly, I love eating, I love food but I know I need to make changes or the long term results could be fatal. Thanks again.

  • michelle gomes

    Thank you Dave :)

    I have completed my first week of IF and am delighted that I only picked up 0.6kg’s over the weekend. ( I estimate my loss during the week to be 3.2kg’s, as I did not weigh myself at teh beginning of the week). This was my big concern as I was well disciplined during the week and was saving my ‘eating’ for the weeked. This included more than half a pizza and a couple of glasses of red wine on Friday evening. Breakfast at a Coffee shop on Saturday and lunch on Sunday at a Restuarant consisting of prawns, rice and veg, as well as crumbed mushrooms for starters and two itallian kisses ….. I am more motivated than ever to improve on last week. Thank you for your valuable input. I am looking forward to the year ahead and reaching my goal while still eating what I enjoy and definately a retired dieter. Dave – my hero!!

    • Dave

      Well done Mich, keep it up.

  • Weight Loss Guru

    When you outline that all you need to lose weight is to eat less calories than your body burns in a day, this is the fundamental formula that a lot of people forget when trying to lose weight. I read from studies intermittent fasting is very beneficial for fat loss – because Growth Hormone levels in the body increase dramatically when fasting (Growth Hormone’s main property in the body is to burn fat). Great read!

  • Jennifer

    I have to say, I’m losing with ESE, but very very slowly. Over the last two weeks, I only lost about half a pound. And so far this month, I’ve only lost 3.8lbs. Is this normal? I don’t go crazy on my eating days. I usually stay somewhere between 1200-2000 calories. I only started doing ESE in December, so it seems kind of early to slow down this much, with 70lbs to lose to be at a “normal” weight.

    • Dave

      Hi Jennifer,
      well there is a big difference between 1200 and 2000, Even I only need around 1800 – 2000 to stay the same. Also you are losing, so that is still good, but even with 70lbs to lose, I think 2000 calories is high,so I think this is why the weight loss is slower. A loss is a loss though, and it takes time, even at this rate, you will be around 50lbs lighter at the end of the year.

  • Delmer

    Congrats on maintaining good shape for 2 years. I was skinny for 2 years as well but then regained all the weight due to stress and laziness. Now I’m losing weight again and have actually started recording my progress on my site. You can read about my progress here –> Feel free to visit my site and leave a comment. Excess weight sucks so we should all help each other!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I have struggled with my weight since my thirties. Diet after diet, six meals a day, Atkins, Zone, Weight Watchers–all sorts of plans. I would lose some but it would always comes back. I just couldn’t stick with it. I was hungry all the time and never satisfied because the things I love (bread, cheese, fruit, um, yes, cheetos, lol) were limited or off limits. As I got older (now 49) it became harder and harder to lose. I was the queen of plateaus.

    That’s all over now, because of IF. I don’t ever worry about what I eat. I don’t obsess over calories or food types. I make healthy choices most of the time (because it makes me feel better), but I also don’t sweat enjoying the junk whenever I want it. And I’ve lost weight–consistently and easily and quickly.

    For me, what works best is eating every other day. That’s a 36 hour fast with a 12 hour eating window. That may sound difficult, but I actually find it very easy. The first couple of weeks I would be hungry from time to time on my fast days, but honestly, I was no hungrier than I was on the 1200 calories/six meals a day plan. As time has gone on, the fasting days are ridiculously easy to get through. My energy is still high and I feel totally sharp mentally. Knowing that the following day, if those crackers and cheese are calling me, I can munch away, makes it very easy. Add to that the motivating factor of consistent, quick weight loss, and IF is a winner. I don’t feel that I’m on a diet. I’ve just made a lifestyle change, and it’s one I can be comfortable with and continue with long term. As I reach my goal, I’ll reduce my fasting days, but this is definitely a lifestyle I will continue with. It keeps the weight off and I feel so damn good.

  • Ali

    Hi Dave

    Congratulations on your retirement! and doing so well, maintenance stories are even more encouraging than the actually weight loss – and strangely enough are not as easy to find!

    I have been looking into intermittent fasting for the past couple of weeks and started four days ago. I am fasting daily and eating in a 5 hour window. Do you have any opinion on that method as opposed to 2, 24 hour fasts per week?

    For me it seems to be working well (although very early days) I eat a large salad when I break the fast and then a meal with my family, then I don’t eat until my salad the next day. So I fast up to around 20 hours at a time.

    I am recording everything I am eating plus my weight as I would like to help others if this does lead me to where I hope it will one day.

    I very much see this as a lifestyle change as opposed to another diet which is doomed from the start and likely to see me gain a few more pounds on top of my starting weight – that is what usually happens!

    Anyway, thanks for the great articles

  • Kaz

    Hi i am just starting reading about IF, the first 2 sites i read talked about it being for body builders, can someone who is just overweight use this, i have long standing hip injury that stops a lot of cardio – aqua jogging, i am also diabetic but type 2, so could change my medication to the first meal of the day, i am just not really clear on what you should do? do you eat 3 meals in 8 hours, and then nothing for 14? or ? i dont think i couldnt eat for a whole day at this stage? i would appreciate your knowledge and advise thank you Kaz

    • Dave

      Kaz, in my case I always eat every day. Yes it will work if you are overweight, you do not need to be a body builder to follow I.F.

  • Aiste

    You are one of not so many people who actually understand that diets don’t work. I especially agree with the statement that there is no need to quit eating foods you like. I feel like you have cracked the weight loss code. Good work!


  • vicky

    Fasting is really difficult to stick to. Do you have any tips for extra motivation?

    • Dave

      @ Vicky,

      It get’s easier the more you do it. I would say just start by skipping a meal. Or try going 12 hours, then 14, and so on. Again, you don’t have to do 24 hour fasts, many people do 16/8 which is 16 hour fasts, and an 8 hour eating window, this routine usually means you don’t eat in the morning, and start eating at lunch. I don’t find fasting difficult to stick to if you work out around your lifestyle, and not the other way around.

  • Jennifer

    Hi Dave,

    You are the voice of reason all the way around.  It’s good to find someone who has made this eating/weight thing really work over the long haul. 

    I have been fasting at least 18 hours every day for a whole month now.  It’s hard to believe I’ve actually adjusted to this.  Some days, I’ll go longer than 18 hours, and once or twice, I went 24 hours.  Amazing!  Not pushing it too much, but letting it kind of happen has worked well for me.

    And I love eating all the foods I’m hungry for.  What freedom!  I’m not gravitating toward junky foods, like I was afraid I might.  But having pizza or lasagna occasionally is so wonderful and freeing!  During this first month, I have lost 7 lbs. 

    Thanks for chronicling your journey.

  • mommysshrinking

    I came here out of complete desperation. I ate my last meal last night determined to do something, anything, to lose the 50 pounds I gained in 2009 on pregnancy bed rest. I’ve tried Weight Watchers, diets, shakes, small frequent meals, exercise, weight training, running, veganism and everything worked for about 12 weeks. Then something happened.

    I caught a cold, we had dinner guests, I injured myself exercising, we had to go out of town, my husband brought home a Big Mac — and I was back at square one.

    I pray this works. I’m worn out from dieting.

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