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Weight Loss and The Set Point

by Dave on November 30, 2010

For over 6 months now my weight has stayed between 164 and 165 lbs.  I have been pleased with this as it proves to me that I now know what to do to keep my weight under control.

I was recently asked my view about weight loss set point theory.  I certainly can’t base my views on any form of medical experience, but I do have my own take on the subject from having lost a large amount of weight, and then looking to lose the final few lbs.

Last month in my post about keeping weight off I mentioned how in November I would need to make a few tweaks to my current routine, if I was to drop some more weight.

The small changes I made in November were as follows

1 change from walking  5 miles to running 8 miles. This means I burn more calories in the same amount of time because I am covering more distance.

2 I bought  a doorway pull up bar – the powerbar 2 from innovation fitness.  ( Very pleased with it , video is below )

Those were the only changes made for November. The result ?  well I have recorded a new low weight of 163lbs. So a loss of 1lb from the previous month.

So my take on the set point theory is that, I am now at a weight where it is harder to lose weight. My BMR is now somewhere around 1650- 1700 calories per day and I need to be below this to lose weight. Even with my intermittent fasting days , it is hard to create a deficit to lose even1lb per week. The only way I can do this now is to increase what I burn,  I don’t feel I can change anything else in my diet without feeling I am going without, and that is one thing I not felt since becoming a retired dieter.

So my view of weight loss and the set point is simply, your current lifestyle will determine your weight.  In my case my current way of eating and my walking for exercise have helped keep my weight steady, or at a ” set point “. If I want to lose a little more weight, then something has to change in my normal routine. I think the change from walking to running in November has shown, that I can then  lose some more weight, so in this case I did not eat less, I just moved more .. it seems to have worked.

So now as we enter December and the holiday feasting, what is my plan ? well for the next 3 weeks, I will just keep doing the same, though I intend to aim for running 6 days. The only thing that could be a problem is the weather. As I write this the snow is falling outside my window, and it is deep enough that I won’t be running anywhere today.

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  • lucy

    Hi Dave I have been loosely following your sugesstions for a couple of months and have lost-regained lost 12-14lb.I have tried to find out what IF followers eat on the feed days but you dont really post details could you please give a typical day when you were staring out.

    • Dave

      Hi Lucy,

      The reason I have not really posted details of what I eat on the feed days is because I don’t really restrict the types of food I eat, only restrict the calories. I did do a post in January 2010 showing a typical meal when I broke the fast, you can see that here

      When I stated I was obviously much heavier than I am now, but I always based my calories on a weekly total. So I would say it’s not so much about what I was eating, rather than how much I was eating. I really did just focus on eating less. If you get an idea of the calories you need, then I think you will find you don’t regain the weight. Take a look at the chart in this post look at your height, and then use the figure in Yellow to get a daily number, then x 7 to get a weekly number. Work your fasting days in with this. It is all about what works for you. If for example you find your fasts easy, or you don’t feel hungry on a morning, then skip breakfast even on a feeding day, I often don’t eat lunch now because I am busy, where as in the past, before using I.F. I would worry if I had missed a meal !.

      Thanks for the comment, and I will look to do a post on this as it is a question that often comes up. If I can help with anything else, just let me know.

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