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Tips To Lose Weight

by Dave on February 20, 2011

This Is Part 1 of My Weight Loss Tips Series

About time for some of my tips to lose weight? I think it is.One of the things I have noticed in the last few months is the amount of people asking me what is the secret of my weight loss, well if you have followed this weight loss blog of mine for any length of time, you will know there is no secret. My general answer to people who ask me what I did is to say I just eat less and move more . What I would say however is that I do have certain weight loss tips that I pass on to anyone who is truly interested in losing weight.  So for those of you interested,I decided to do a series of posts  with my main tips for losing weight. So let’s start with weigh loss tip no1.

Tips To Lose Weight

Weight Loss This Way

My Tips To Lose Weight

1 Keep Your Weight Loss Plan Private

I don’t care what method you are using to lose weight, no1 on my tips to lose weight is keep what you are doing to yourself. If you want support, help, advice, then come to this blog and leave me a comment and I will reply, or point you to others who can help and motivate you.

It is important to get help on your weight loss journey, but that helps needs to be from the right team. I will discuss your weight loss team in a future post, but if  you are  just starting on your weight loss plan, then for now keep it to yourself.I am telling you this based on my own experience . You will find if you tell you family and friends, it wont help you. Weight loss is a subject that everyone has an opinion on, no matter how ill informed it may be.

Certainly if you are looking  to use fasting to lose weight as I did, then this tip applies even more. Intermittent Fasting is just not something most people understand, and though they have no knowledge of it, they tend to come out with terms like ” oh I heard that is not good for you ”  Well I can tell that in my case , what was not good for me was the 50+lbs of excess fat I was carrying around, not the method I was using to lose it, so, as I say, no matter what method you use to create a calorie deficit, keep it hush hush.

Tips To Lose Weight – Still wondering what is the best way to lose weight ?

Well my answer to that would be, the best way to lose weight is the way that works for you. If that seems a little crytic I don’t mean it to be. The point I am making is we are all different, and was right for me, is not what might fit best for you. What is not in doubt is that we have to reduce our calories, how we best do that is what has to be personal. Have a read of my anything goes diet review as I think this will help anyone who wants to get the same results I did.

Want to know something  regards my  tips to lose weight, then leave a comment below.

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  • Caleb

    I sure agree with you about the importance to many people of keeping their diet plans secret. Everyone has an opinion and doesn’t mind sharing it loudly, even if uninformed.

    I’ve been successful over the years in losing 40 plus pounds three different times, and now I am on my fourth (and hopefully last) course of this.

    I have several tips regarding weight loss that I have not seen elsewhere.

    I weigh myself daily on a balance beam scale but only move the indicator to the left (to indicate weight lost). That is, I am on a low-enough calorie a day diet so I know that the weight will HAVE to come off, and daily weighing can sure be motivating! I don’t want to know how much weight I have gained due to water, roughage, etc., and this way of weighing myself lets me capitalize on maximizing motivation and minimizing disheartening data.

    I also keep track on my watch of “day on diet” and how much weight I have lost, and how much I weigh. Today my watch says,”20 18/221″ to indicate that this is Day 20, that 18 pounds are gone, and that this morning I weighed 221. (Actually I have been at 221 for two days now.) Those numbers on my watch are quite motivating to me.

    Several years ago I did a 100 Day Diet to Thanksgiving and that worked three times for me, with the idea of being able to eat freely on T-day as being a good goal, and so my watch had two numbers on it — the day of the diet and the weight lost. So my current numbers would have shown as 20 over 18, in two different adhesive stickers. This method seems much better for me and I am losing weight at a faster rate than I did in my previous three successes. (I’m a psychologist and find these sorts of questions very, very interesting.)

    I also graph on a daily basis my weight (with the line either going down or staying the same, never higher), and staying away from alcohol, and more recently I’ve been practicing an Alternate Day Fasting approach — today I have had two Slim-Fast drinks as well as diet coke and coffee. Similar to what I had on Wednesday — although then I also had a little soup.

    The stimulus control process of an alternate day approach is terrific! Reduces hunger, I know I’m not going to be faced with innumerable choices, etc. (For me hunger is caused largely by eating uncertainty — if I know I might stop on the way home and buy different foods, I will start to consider them as possibilities, etc. Getting into the routine of skipping a day of eating sure seems to reduce that kind of second-guessing.)

    Anyway, this seems a very nice site!

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!



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