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Tips For Weight Loss – Listen To Chris Gardner.

by Dave on June 29, 2011

Time for another post in the weight loss tips series.

The basic idea of losing weight is simple, calories in vs calories out, the problem is  it’s just not easy, so with that in mind I want you to listen to Chris Gardner, or rather Will Smith playing Chris Gardner in the film The Pursuit of Happyness.

In this scene Chris Gardner quickly realizes the hypocrisy in telling his young son to not pursue his dream of becoming a basketball pro when he himself is going after his own personal success goal. He quickly corrects himself and gives his Son some advice that applies just was well to you if you want to lose weight.

The minute you tell people you are going to lose weight, or you are on a diet , they all have an opinion on how it should be done. Many times we will be told by other people that we can’t do something. It can come from people who know nothing about you, work colleagues, but, it can also come from people who you respect and love.

Family and Friends may mean well, but they can be one of the main reasons for your weight loss goals getting derailed.  People who know nothing about Intermittent Fasting, would decide to tell me what was wrong with it. Losing weight is hard enough without the extra burden of others bringing you down  so my advice is listen to Chris Gardner …

“You Want Something … Go Get It…. Period”

If you are just starting out on your weight loss journey, my tip is to  keep your weight loss plan private

The Anything Goes Diet is a great plan to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Also if you are interested in a Fasting To Lose Weight programme, then  check out Eat Stop Eat



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