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Steady Weight Loss – My 18 Months As A Retired Dieter.

by Dave on June 30, 2010

As today  marks the mid point of the year, it means I have now been a retired dieter for 18 months.

On Jan 1st 2009 I stepped on the scales and was 231lbs. today 18 months later, I am 165lbs. No diet, no rules to break, just a clear understanding of what my daily calorie needs are, and a simple process to stay within those limits month to month.

Learning how to finally control my weight  after all these years can only be described as liberating.  The day I stopped listening  to all the diet bullshit was the day I finally was set free from food guilt.

The diet companies want you to eat more, but the real answer is actually to eat less and enjoy the foods you eat. No need for diet pills, magic shakes , specialist meals. Just learn how many calories you need ( it is less than you think )  and find the way that works best for you to restrict the calories you eat. For me that was intermittent fasting,  and now 18 months on, it will always remain as my way of controlling my weight, it is now part of my life.


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