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Six Pack Abs At 40 +

by Dave on January 11, 2010

Can You Get Abs when you get past 40 years old ?
Yesterday Jan 10th 2010 was 12 months to the day that I took my first photos to record how I looked. I have taken new photos  on the 1 year anniversary to show how far I came in 12 months in terms of fat loss. The other reason for taking them is to be the starting point for my new target. Yes I am aiming to get my abs showing. Is it possible for a guy in his mid 40′s to be able to get a six pack ? well I am told it is, so let’s see if I can manage it.

After losing 56lbs of fat last year and hitting my target weight 2 months early, I was happy to just maintain my weight  for the rest of the year, and just enjoy reaching the goal I had set at the start of the year, but I also like to give myself new targets, and I think this one is within reach.

From the research I have done, it seems to get 6 pack abs, I have to get my body fat below 10% . I am currently at about 12% ( 20 % lower than this time last year ) so again this is all about diet, all I need to do is use the same flexible eating process I have used to lose the weight I lost in 2009, and just keep going until I get the results I want. I think I need to lose about another 7lbs to do that. After losing so much weight last year, I don’t expect this last 7lbs to come off easily or quickly. I do hope that because of the extra food I ate over the Christmas Holidays, I can get a quick start, but I think a realistic target will be 12 weeks, so that is what I am going to aim for. From Sunday January 10th , I have worked out from the calender that  12 weeks is April 4th 2010, which happens to be Easter Sunday, so that is my target. So, the  goal is set, let’s see how I get on.

I can tell you that I won’t be doing any special types of abs exercises, and I won’t be wasting money any abs machines. My abs are there , I just need to get them showing, and I will do that from diet and losing the fat that covers them.

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  • William


    Huge fan – you have definitely inspired me to start an IF lifestyle. When I first heard of IF, I was excited about the concept but I was concerned that it was just another fad type diet that would not work in the long term. After finding your blog, I lost all reservations about trying IF and hope to make it a permanent lifestyle. Kudos to you Dave – you are the man!!

    • Dave

      Hi William,

      Thanks for your comment. It certainly is no fad diet, I would not have been able to stick to it for this long if it was just a fad. I am also healthier than I have been in years, so don’t concern yourself with the negative B.S you will see out there. I am proof it works. Good luck with your own efforts this year.
      Let me know how you progress.

  • Leonardo

    It’s January 23, 2010 today. I bought and read B. Pilon’s book on Sunday. I started the IF on Monday and fasted 2 days this past week. I went from 202 lb to 197.5 lb in just six days. It’s amazing. Your results are truly breathtaking as well.
    I read in the EAT Stop Eat book that there are enormous additional health benefits to be expected as well, including reduced blood pressure and improved lipid levels. Have you had a chance to have those checked and compared to your pre-IF yet.
    Thanks and regards,

    • Dave

      Hi Leonardo,

      Yes I have also seen benefits from a health point of view. I suffer from Asthma and My most recent tests have shown big improvements year on year. Also less pain in my joints. I honestly don’t remember when I felt this good. Obviously losing over 56lbs of fat helps in that, that is a large amount of weight my body is no longer having to struggle to move.

      I also saw weight drop quickly when I first started, but in time it will slow down as you continue to lose, however there is still no better fat burner out there.

      Best wishes with your own weight loss

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  • Michael van Mierle

    There is a constant problem with my love handles. No idea what to do about them. The abs I got under control more or less, but boy do I suck at getting the flabbies from my sides. Any ideas anyone?

    • Dave

      “There is a constant problem with my love handles. No idea what to do about them. The abs I got under control more or less, but boy do I suck at getting the flabbies from my sides. Any ideas anyone?”

      Yes Michael … get your body fat lower. You can’t spot target where you lose fat from. As your body fat goes lower the love handles will become less, that is all there is to it, no magic, just lose the fat.

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