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My Lowest Weight For 20 Years

by Dave on May 28, 2010

A month since I last checked my weight, but the trend is still slow and steady weight loss.

Today my weight is 166lbs which is 11 stone 12lbs ( approx 75 kilos ) so 2lbs less than a month ago, meaning I continue to lose at a rate of about half a pound per week. I have not been under 12 stone since i played football in my mid 20′s, amazing what stopping going on diets can do for you !

The way my current lifestyle is, means losing weight more quickly than this is not possible without further changes to either my workouts or my diet ( eating less). Those are changes I don’t want to make, I am happy with the progress. In terms of my health, my weight is good, it is only my abs experiment that means I continue to lose weight in order to get them to show. Vain I know, but the reason we all lose weight is to look better, and I am no different.

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  • ryan

    (clap clap clap) well done, Dave! looks like you have really settled into a groove here. do you even notice that you are on a (non) diet these days, or is it just second nature now?

    one other question…are you still IF’ing at all?

    • Dave

      Hey Ryan,

      Yes I still use I.F every week. I always do at least one 24hr fast usually Monday 7pm to Tuesday 7pm. ( stop eating at 7pm Monday, start eating Tuesday 7pm ) Other days it is not unusual for me to do at least 16 or 18 hrs, but I still always do one 24hr fast per week. I.F will always be something I use now to manage my weight.

      To answer your other question , I would have to say that after 17 months of non diet, I honestly don’t notice. I am just very aware that if I overate , I try and compensate with a day or so of under eating . I just don’t fret about what I eat anymore, and that was the big change I made from the past.

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