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Leangains Intermittent Fasting

by Dave on March 23, 2011

The Leangains intermittent fasting plan was developed by nutritional consultant and personal trainer Martin Berkhan.



Martin is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject of diet and nutrition in relation to Intermittent Fasting  for strength training and fat loss. He always goes into detail on the subject he writes about and provides links to the studies. I realise not everyone wants to know the details of studies, but for me, the leangains websites is one of the first places I look if I want an explanation on the latest intermittent fasting research.

Leangains Diet

The leangains diet is much more focused towards  fitness and strength training. As far as I understand it, Martin’s clients tend to be predominantly Male, with a goal for getting as lean and strong as possible. Unlike other intermittent fasting diets such as eat stop eat, Leangains places more emphasis on what Martin believes is the correct  pre- and post-workout nutrition. Leangains also provides specific guidelines on calorie cycling, meal timings and macrocomposition.

Leangains uses a condensed eating window of 16/8  so you are fasted for 16 hours, and then eat based around your personal plan during the 8 hour eating window. This tends to be a 3 meal plan during that time. The composition of those meals will depend on your day and workouts. As an example for workout days, carbs are prioritised before fat, while on rest days fat intake is higher, while Protein remains high every day. What should be remembered is that to follow the leangains diet correctly, Martin will create a personal plan, so the exact composition of the meals would vary depending on the goals of the individual.

Does The Leangains Diet Work ?

Yes the Leangains plan does work, but I would say it is better suited for certain individuals. Martin himself will tell you that his clients tend to be fitness enthusiasts, athletes and weight trainers, which is why his Leangains diet has a much greater focus on the correct workout nutrition. The bottom line though is that leangains works.Take a look at these LeanGains Results for further proof.

Is Leangains right for you?

That will depend on your own lifestyle and what you want to achieve.I personally have not used the leangains diet protocol, this is only because I feel it is not the best fit for me. My goals have changed in the last 2 years, but not to the extent that I want to be so focused on how I train and how I eat. Again this is a personal choice and is by no means a reflection on Martin Berkhan and the Leangains way of intermittent fasting and training. I want to get leaner for this summer, and I have no doubt Martin could get me there quicker, but I feel his plan is just a little too restrictive for me.

I will just point out one piece of advice I have taken from Martin that I follow and that is to do with alcohol and fat loss. The post I have linked to explains how you can drink without guilt …  leangains was always going to be a winner with me on that one ;)

Be sure sure to read my eat top eat review for an alternative method of fasting to lose weight. You can contact Martin via the leangains blog

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  • Mr. Meltdown

    I have to admit that I have not heard of the Leangains diet but it does sound interesting. I am going to have to invest my time researching it a bit more. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dave

      No problem at all, as I say not the best fit for me, but no question that Martin gets results.

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