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Intermittent Fasting- What works for you ?

by Dave on February 18, 2009

Intermittent Fasting has proven an easy way for me to reduce body fat. As the weeks have passed, I have found my fasts have become easier to do. Other than not eating for a set period of time, there are not really any rules to follow.

I have been using the intermittent fasting plan of not eating from 6.30 pm to 6.30 pm  twice a week. Fasting for 24 hours twice per week is based on the eat stop eat ebook.
The first week I started, I fasted from a Thursday evening ( this was New Years Day ) to Friday evening. I then ate normally over the weekend, and started my next fast after my evening meal on the Sunday. The fact my first fast went well for me, meant I was happy to do a second fast a few days later. I have then continued with these 2 days ( Sunday evening and Thursday evening ) as my I.F. fasting days. This works for me, but you may be different, you start with only one fast per week and build up once you get used to it. The great thing about Intermittent Fasting is you get it to fit around you, you don’t fit your life around a diet, I have certainly found this to be one of the main benefits for me. This week, because I am finding using intermittent fasting so easy, I am experimenting a little. I realise I eat more on weekends, this is because of social gatherings , visiting family etc. I also find that during the week, while working I find I am not hungry at what would be lunch time. I think with the greater understanding of hunger I have developed over the last month or so, means, if I don’t actually feel hungry at a set time , I now don’t eat.In the past I would have been concerned at missing a meal. I guess you would say I have developed a more ” eat when I am hungry ” mentality. If I am on a day I am meant to eat, I simply wait until I feel hungry. I have found that this means my first meal was getting pushed back towards mid afternoon. With this in mind I have decided to see how I get on with waiting the extra 3 hours to my evening meal.

On a weekend I am unable do this.When we visit my parents, we arrive for lunch, and eat around 1.30. Not eating at that time is not an option.The routine I have got into on a Saturday is that I just have coffee in the morning and then we set off to my Parents for lunch. I actually find that when I arrive , the smell of food soon triggers the stomach to rumble, so I can’t say I have problem to enjoy it !.

If you are considering using Intermittent Fasting to reduce your weight, I would liken the process a little to training for a marathon or a fun run. You would not just turn up on the day of the race and just run, you train for it. So is the case with Intermittent Fasting. I have in effect trained myself over the last 7 weeks to listen more to my body, and also develop my own routine for using I.F that fits around my lifestyle. The way I am using Intermittent Fasting to reduce body fat, may not be what works for you. I want to try an increased fasting period during the week because it seems to fit my daily life. I have come to that conclusion only after reviewing how I have been using Intermittent Fasting over the last 7 weeks. Again there are no rules, if tomorrow I am going to meet someone for Lunch, I will go, I will not think I can’t go because I am fasting. It just so happens that for me , and the way I work, restricting calories during the week is easier for me.

Intermittent Fasting does not need you to buy any special foods or supplements, if you want to try it, all you need do is pick a time to try it and then give it a go. The only thing to remember is no calories.  During my fasts, I drink black coffee, fruit and herbal teas ( I  just can’t drink normal tea without milk ! ) diet drinks such as diet coke etc. I do use 1 Splenda sweetener in my teas and coffee.

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  • nadia

    Hi dave
    i read your weight loss tips and i m very happy for you
    i m 163lbs 74 kg i want to loss till 55kg will you plz help me and i
    i m 27 year old plz help me

    • Dave

      @ Nadia, how tall are you ?

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