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Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss – Q&A

by Dave on February 25, 2010

As I have  used Intermittent Fasting for weight loss and weight control, I find I am asked  a number of questions  about fasting for weight loss. It has been a while since I posted any frequently asked questions about Intermittent Fasting, so now seemed as good a time as any to post some.

As always if you have any questions that are not covered here, feel free to put them in the comments section, our you can mail me at Dave [@ = at]

Q  Does Intermittent Fasting Slow Down Your Metabolism

A No, you are only taking a break from eating for a period of 24 hours. Studies show that periods of fasting for even 72 hours have no effect on your metabolism. The diet industry loves to talk about metabolism, but the truth is your base metabolic rate really does not change. I think the best example I can give here is my own weight loss success . I continued to lose body fat using intermittent fasting without any metabolism issues.  Claims that your metabolism slows down if you don’t eat for a few hours is a myth.

Q  Is Juice Fasting  The Same As Intermittent Fasting ?

A  No , if you drink a fruit juice, you are still consuming calories. I actually find the term Juice Fasting misleading, as you are not fasting at all. It would be quite possible to drink more than your normal daily calorie limit from fruit juice, though hardly satisfying.

Q What Do You Have During Your Fasts ?

A I have black coffee, the real stuff, no instant ! I drink green tea and fruit teas,  Twinings green tea with mango is one of my favourites. I also will drink diet drinks like Pepsi Max, though I tend to mainly stick to hot drinks.

Q Do You Count Calories

A No I do not count calories in the sense of looking at every meal , but I would say I am aware of the approximate number of calories I eat. The problem with diets is we tend to underestimate the number of calories we consume, and this is one reason weight loss can be a problem. The days I fast make it easy to cover my calorie miscalculations.  I would suggest that if you are just starting to use intermittent fasting for losing weight, then keep a food diary for at least 7 days first. It will give you a good insight into where and when you use consume  most calories. Also you need to get an understanding of your resting metabolic rate. A bmr calculator will give you a guide to many calories you actually need.

Q Do You Do Your Workouts While You Are Fasting ?

A  Yes I have done my bodyweight workouts on days when I am fasting, In my own experience I do not find any difference between working out fasted or when I have eaten, and I doubt you will be surprised to hear I don’t go in for the ” you must eat after a workout ”  advice.

Q When My Fast Is Over What Should I Eat ?

A  Just eat as if the fast never happened. For example if my fast is from dinner to dinner, then I just eat that evening meal as normal. I eat as I normally would, no special rewards because I fasted, just the regular meal.

Q  Will Intermittent Fasting Burn More Belly Fat ?

A Intermittent Fasting for a 24 hour period does burn more fat, but you can not spot target where on your body the fat is burned.

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  • Paula

    Nice blog! I just added your link to my page. It’s great to find like minded people when it comes to i-fasting.

    • Dave

      Hi Paula,

      Yes we have to spread the word. Great to see you doing so well using it too.

  • Dave

    Hi Alan,

    I personally don’t do it, I stick to black coffee, or fruit tea during the fasts. I think I remember Brad Pilon saying that a little won’t change the fasted state, but usually the ” little ” start to ad up in the manner you mention in your question, then I think it does. If you can get through 24hrs without it, then that would be best. If I can find his advice on it , I will send you the link


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