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Intermittent Fasting weeks 28-30

by Dave on July 24, 2009

As I write this post I am 19 hours into a fast. This will be my first 24 hour  intermittent fast for more than 3 weeks.  Since I last recorded my weight  on July 3rd, I have mixed up my eating routine to try and break a weight loss plateau . My last recorded weight was 84 kilos. I have continued with my body weight exercises, but have not used intermittent fasting during this period.

Even though I was not fasting in the last 3 weeks, I have noticed how my attitude to food has changed.

I have no desire to overeat. As a retired dieter, I of course do not view that I am on diet, so I also don’t have the feeling I have come off it for a few weeks and that I have license to go crazy and eat anything. I have continued to eat the same foods I always eat, the only difference has been to eat on a more regular basis . I have not had a typical set time for eating, I have had something to eat when I am hungry. I have found this is the main change in how I eat since I started fasting, I simply can’t eat if I am not hungry.

The clock may say it is lunchtime, but If I am not hungry, I wait until I am. Even when not using intermittent fasting I am not going to eat something just because it is meant to be lunchtime.

Does this mean I have beaten the hangup most of us have with when to eat ? I don’t know about that, and I can’t speak for anyone else on this, all I know is, in my case there has been a definite psychological change in how I look at eating.

I  do find when I am not fasting I want to eat something late evening, mornings when I am working I don’t seem to want anything.

I think if I was to use just the condensed eating window method of  intermittent fasting , my ideal time would be to eat between 6pm and 11pm.

I was also interested to see how I would find doing a full 24 hour fast after not fasting for that length of time for over 3 weeks.  I have to say I have not had any problem.

This week I will do 2 fasts of 24 hours, so in effect I am back following the eat stop eat intermittent fasting plan, that I first started with back in January.  I will next record my weight tomorrow morning. Saturday 24th of July, to see if I have gained any weight during the break from intermittent fasting . If I was to make a guess right now I think I am perhaps 1 kilo heavier. My belt is always a good guide, and I have not had to move up , but It feels a little tighter. My expectation was that during this break I would gain a little weight. I will then record my weight again on the 1st of August, and I hope the fact I have had the break from fasting will then enable me to lose the final few kilos my body seems so keen to keep. If I am losing 1lb of body fat  per week while fasting twice per week, I will continue with that routine.  My goal will be to lose 4lb of body fat in August.

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