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Intermittent Fasting Week 37 Back On Track

by Dave on September 12, 2009

So another week seems to have flown by, and the good news for me is that last weeks weight gain, has come off again this week.

Yes a 2lb weight loss recorded on the scales makes me a happy chappy. Again no change in the belt, but I actually think I do look a little leaner. I need to do a photo update to be sure.

So I am back at 13 stone 2 lbs or 184lbs which for the metric followers out there is about 83.4 Kilos.

Only other changes this week was actually reducing the days of resistance training down to 2 days. The new intense body weight exercises ( well intense for me anyway ! ) mean I using an extra day to recover . I am doing more bodyweight pull up exercises , and I certainly know about it when I have finished.

So I hope to see the scales keep in a downward direction next week, if I can move beyond 184lbs I will be at my lowest recorded weight of the year.

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