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Intermittent Fasting Week 34

by Dave on August 22, 2009

Oh dear ,  just did my weigh in for this week and I am showing that last weeks loss of 2lbs has been reversed. I am back at 186lbs, a 2lb weight gain. Though I don’t feel I have gained, My clothes are not tighter and I have not moved up a notch on the belt.I have to face the facts I have.  I had a bit more of a social week this week, and for me social = alcohol.

No doubt the extra calories this week are from a larger number of beers than normal, I worked out that this social blow out contributed an extra 2500 calories to my weeks total.I still did 2 days of intermittent fasting this week , but this does show you that you use intermittent fasting and still gain weight.

This is the first time this year for me I have gained weight while fasting, the only other time I have gained weight was during a break from intermittent fasting , as I had reached a plateau.  So the plan for this week is to take more care on the the calorie intake. I still did my body weight exercises as normal, plus I went on a couple of long walks to take a break from the laptop during my work day, but as Craig Ballantyne is fond of saying, you can’t out train a bad diet, but more on that tomorrow.  We all have good and bad weeks, as a retired dieter, I am not going to be downbeat over one week which is not the normal routine causes me to gain weight.

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