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Intermittent Fasting Week 31 – Bye Bye Weight Loss Plateau

by Dave on August 1, 2009

So the first day of a new month, and I just recorded my weight. I also took some new photos of my progress so will look to get them online once i have a little time to create a progress page.

It seems the break from intermittent fasting for 3 weeks has worked , I lost 3lbs this week . This wipes out the weight gain I had during the break. I now weigh 185lbs, or 13 stone 3lbs or around 183.91 kilos. This puts me back at the weight I was on June 19th, but during the month I have lost 2% body fat. Down from 17%  to 15% , this means I have lost fat and added  muscle in the last month.  This is a good example of how sometimes you can’t go by the scales alone. The scales say I am the same as I  was on June 19th, but I was 17% body fat then, so I have actually lost over 3lbs of fat . I can tell by my clothes, but I know how hard it is to dismiss what the scales say !. So what has changed in the last month ?. I altered my bodyweight workouts so they were more demanding. I had realised that I had not changed my body weight exercises  and basically my body had got used to what i was doing and I was not progressing, clearly through the month of July, the new bodyweight workouts  are now making a difference. My new goal this month is now more body fat related than what the scales are telling me. Long term, I want to get to 10% body fat, which if I continue to lose weight, and just maintain muscle means I should be around 176lbs  when I reach that point.  I still am on target to achieve this by the end of the year, hopefully the weight loss plateau is now behind me and the final 10lbs or so will start to fall away.

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