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Intermittent Fasting Week 15 and 16

by Dave on April 27, 2009

Fasting for weight loss continues to go well, but my fat loss is currently averaging about one pound per week.

The last couple of weeks or so have been very busy, hence the delays in updates. I usually weigh in every Thursday morning, but the last 2 weeks I have been away so this has not been possible. I did manage to get weighed Friday, I was now 88 kilos or 193.6 pounds. I am happy that I continue to lose weight, this is even after a the easter holidays where I certainly ate more than normal. Even with the increased travel the last few weeks, I have still continued to fast without a problem. On the days I travel, I actually find fasting easier.

Last week I had my longest fast so far. I did not plan to go beyond 24hrs but the circumstances meant that it was easy to do, and made sense with the following days plans. I had to be in Manchester on the Thursday. I had eaten my evening meal on the Wednesday , and also had a couple of beers later in the evening around 9, so it would be safe to say I was fasting from around Thursday morning I was going to Manchester, so other than black coffee, I had nothing else. I arrived home Thursday evening around 9pm and was still not hungry. I also knew on the Friday afternoon I was going to a beer festival in Hull, so I decided I would not eat before Friday morning, as I was not hungry when i got back and I could go to bed a little earlier as I was tired from the travelling. I had a good breakfast on Friday morning around 10 am, so I had fasted for about 36 hrs. I think again this shows the flexibility of intermittent fasting, I did not set out with the intention of fasting for this long, it was just that when I got back it made sense to do so knowing the Friday would be a day of extra indulgence. It is almost 4 calender months since I started to use Intermittent Fasting to reduce my weight, I still find it the easiest way to lose weight I have ever tried.  It is now just  a part of my lifestyle, and again I hope you can see from this example how I have used it to fit in with my lifestyle and not the other way around.

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