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Intermittent Fasting week 14

by Dave on April 14, 2009

Sorry this Fasting for weight loss update is a little late, but I had some time off over the easter break. I did weigh in on Thursday and lost another pound. I think this coming Thursday may see the first week i don’t lose weight. I have had family birthdays and visits from friends, so the holiday weekend has meant more eating and drinking than on a normal week.I am fasting today and it is going well.  We shall see what Thursday brings.

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  • Morrie

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I’ve just started IF myself; I’m on Day 2. The first day I had quite a headache, but today seems much better and I even worked out this morning.

    I’m using more of the Fast 5 approach which is 19 hours of fasting and a 5 hour eating window. I’m not at that point yet and I’m slowly building up to it. Today’s target is 17 hours of fasting.

    Like what you have said, what draws me to this is not having to diet and restrict foods. It is such a relief. I’m looking forward to see how I feel as the week goes on.

    Thanks for posting your story.

    • Dave

      Hi Morrie, the headache can be for a few reasons, but often it is not drinking enough water so be aware of that. I looked at the fast 5 approach too, I just found that at the start the Eat Stop Eat approach was a great introduction. As I say now with so many weeks behind me and tend play around with it, but I also continue to lose weight. I need to get the pictures posted soon !

  • deb

    I couldn’t tell you how I stumbled on your site but boy, I’m glad I did. Since reading your site, I’ve tried this for two days and it’s not hard at all. As long as I have hot decaf, I can pretty much keep hunger at bay. Is it possible I have found something I can live with? V. hopeful.

    Thank you Dave.

    • Dave

      Hi Deb,

      Keep with it ;) Like I say the hardest part is doing one fast. Once you can do one, you know you can do it. Go easy at the start, but it becomes second nature the longer you do it. Best of luck.

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