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Intermittent Fasting Update Week 38 – 39

by Dave on September 27, 2009

A  good 2 weeks for me as I lose 3lbs and go below 13 stone for the first time.  I am now 12 stone 13lbs or 181lbs or 82 kilos. This is the lowest weight I have been this year, and since i became a retired dieter. So after almost 9 months, I have  gone from 231 lbs down to 181 the magical 50lbs.

I have lost 50lbs without giving up any food or drink I enjoy, and I truly believe that is the reason for my success.  Adding Intermittent Fasting to provide the calorie restriction has been a very easy solution. I am proof that there are no good are bad foods in terms of losing weight. The solution is to just eat less. One of the worst things I hear from people on a diet is ” I am not allowed that , I am on a diet ” I was once like that, but not any more. It is really a coincidence that I lose more weight than every before and do it easily when I stop restricting the foods I eat, but just restrict how much of them I eat instead ?

Of the many ways to lose weight in my opinion it is the simplicity that makes intermittent fasting most effective

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