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Intermittent Fasting Success Continues 2 Week Upadte

by Dave on August 16, 2009

It’s funny , but sometimes you expect the worst, and then are pleasantly surprised. This was  one of those weeks. Last weekend would be best described as a “heavy one ” so even though I had done my 2 intermittent fasting days as per Eat Stop Eat during the week,  I was still hoping at best to have remained the same weight. Stepping on the Nintendo wii digital  scales Saturday morning, I was thrilled to see I had lost 2lbs. In lbs I now weigh 184lbs, which is 13 stone 2lbs or 83.4 kilos.

That 2lb loss puts me at the lowest weight this year, and the goal is ever closer. In a week, when I had more beers than usual, I am thrilled with the results.

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