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Intermittent Fasting Fat Loss

by Dave on February 16, 2009

6 weeks into following Intermittent Fasting for weight loss, here is the details of measurements and body fat percentage comparisons .

In the first 6 weeks I have lost 12% body fat. I am of course thrilled with this result, and it shows that intermittent fasting reduces body fat, the results show I am maintaining muscle while losing fat, which is the main objective. When I take into account that I have also continued to eat the foods I enjoy during this time period, I feel this is further confirmation that intermittent fasting is a simple and straight forward way of reducing body fat.

6 week weight comparison

Jan 1st 2009
Weight 105 Kilos ( 231LBS)
Body Fat 34%

Feb 11th
Weight 94 Kilos (207LBS)
Body Fat 22%


Jan 1st 2009
Chest 115.5 cm
Stomach 115.5 cm
Thighs R 63cm L 62 cm

Feb 11th
Chest 108.5
Stomach 98.5 cm
Thighs R 57.5 cm L 59.5

The main point I want to make about these results is, they have been achieved without any special foods or supplements, no long boring sessions cardio exercise and no restrictions of the type of foods I eat.It is important to also remember that  following my intermitent fasting plan, I still eat every day, there is never a day without food. The science behind intermittent fasting is that during the fasted state the body burns fat, with the optimum period of fat burning occurring between 18 and 24 hrs. I am sure some people will want to dispute it, but all I can say is , I am following this plan to lose body fat, and the results speak for themselves.

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  • Maria

    I am curious- can you continue to exercise with intermittent fasting? I work out a lot, and am concerned with what fasting would do to my energy…

    • Dave

      @ Maria,

      Yes you can continue to exercise without a problem. Fasted workouts are quite common among users of I.F, myself included. Only thing I would say is to make sure you are hydrated.

  • Debi

    I am trying to do the fast, but have to take medications in the morning which make me sick to my stomach without food..(no medical reason I need to eat with the medicine). Any tips?

    • Dave

      @ Debi
      Do they have to be taken in the morning or can you take them later in the day with food ? Otherwise you could try fasting from breakfast to breakfast.

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