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Intermittent Fasting 24 Hour Diary

by Dave on March 27, 2009

As promised , here is an example of a day using intermittent fasting. I have logged what I eat, when I started the fast, and when I ended the fast, and what I had to eat at the time.

Wednesday 25th March  .

6.30pm. Just finished my evening meal with the family.  Meal  Fish Pie, made with a mash potato topping and served  with green beans, broccoli .  Desert was Fresh Pineapple, with Grapes, and a desert spoon of Greek yogurt.

7pm just finished a cup of tea with milk plus a chocolate penguin biscuit, and now will start my fast.

9pm.  Cup of camomile tea  while running pay per click keyword reports in google.

11pm had a pint of water, it is important to drink plenty of water while fasting , many times people mistake dehydration for hunger, usually when you feel thirsty your body is already telling you , that you are dehydrated.

00.30 Am. Yes I am a night owl, A second cup of Chamomile Tea,  while reading a book on beer recipes, I  keep promising myself I am going become a whiz at brewing beer, but currently have only mastered the drinking part !.

01.15 am. Time for bed. I am now just over 6hrs into my fast, but have not had any feelings of hunger this evening.

8.30 am  Wake up and as it is Thursday, go and do my weigh in, another 2lbs lost. I start my day with a pint of water while reading the blogs and news sites I check every morning. I always start the morning with water as again our bodies dehydrate overnight.  Even if I am not on a fasting day, I never seem to be hungry first thing in a morning, today is no different.

9am Time for my first double espresso of the day.

9.30 Going for a  physiotherapy session on my right shoulder, this is from an injury to it last year.

10.30 The physio is 3 miles from where I live, so I am now going to walk back. I enjoy walking as a way to relax, but also it is an easy way to get some exercise.

11.10 am  Arrived back from walk, had a pint of water, and making my second espresso of the day. I still have not had any feelings of being hungry, one reason for this is the fact I have been busy all morning.

11.30 Time start writing my Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss update for the blog, and then on with my normal daily  internet marking work .

1.30 Just had my first stomach grumble. I went and got a pint of water, and also made a green tea. I now know from experince that the feeling of hunger will pass within 15 minutes . I think this is one of the main changes I have had from using intermittent fasting, In the past I would be diving into the refrigerator at the first signs of stomach rumblings.

3.30 A 15 minute break from the computer to do some body weight exercises.

One Leg Get Up  12 each leg for 3 sets  Here is a picture of how to do a one leg get up

Prisoner Squats  3 sets of 15.

Reverse Lunge  3 x 15

I do each set one after the other.   Now you know why I don’t bother with the gym. If the weather is good I go outside for this, but it sucks this afternoon !.

End of the routine, I get another pint of water, and make a green tea. then back to the laptop.

5pm. I am making Chili tonight for the family, my wife will be home around 5.45  so to save her doing it, I am doing my child friendly version. Child Friendly Chili Con Carne is just a milder chili, and uses baked beans instead of red kidney beans.

5.30pm Problem with cooking is you feel hungry, so it is time to break the fast. The chili is done and simmering on low, so I toast a hot cross bun, spread some butter on top,  make a cafe latte and sit down for 15 minutes.  So fasting time was twenty two  and a half hours, perfectly acceptable.

6.45pm time for dinner. Chilli served with Wholegrain Rice. Other during the time I was making the chilli, the only other time I felt hungry was at 1.30pm.  I did not have anything after the Chilli as I was full, so this was last meal of the evening.

This is a typical weekday of what my daily flexible fasting routine is like. For anyone just starting out using Intermittent Fasting, I suggest you start with either one or two days per week, a good book for this method is Brad Pilon’s  Eat Stop Eat


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