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I am a Retired Dieter

by Dave on January 1, 2009

After all these years I have come to the obvious conclusion that diets don’t work, infact diets make you fat. So as of Jan 2009 I have decided I will not go on a diet again.

No, this does not mean I am going eat fast food and chocolate  for the rest of my life. What it does mean is I will no longer attempt to follow something that is simply not possible.  I intend to lose the obessesion with what I eat, I do not want to feel deprived, I am not going to eat pizza every day, but I don’t want to think I can’t eat pizza again without feeling guilty. I am making a lifestyle change that I feel I can stick to, not just this week, this month, but on a year on year basis.

This blog will be where I put down my thoughts and share my journey as a retired dieter.

Update Feb 25th 2010.

Over 2 years later, and I remain a Retired Dieter, vist my weight loss tips section so I can help you too.

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