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Flexible Intermittent Fasting – Doing What Is Best For You

by Dave on March 12, 2010

Intermittent Fasting  - Special Occasions

It is my Daughter Amber’s 14th birthday this weekend, and because she sings in a school gospel choir and has a concert on her actual Birthday on Saturday, we all went out to her restaurant of choice last night.  Her choice was a pizza and pasta place called Ask, there are number around the UK.

So even though I am on my get 6 pack abs quest, there was no way I was holding back last night.

2 large 660ml Peroni beers

A bowl of olives

One Peperoni pizza ( Stromboli is what Ask call it )

And to top it all off a warm Chocolate Nemesis with a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream for desert.

The only truly low calorie thing I had all night was my double macchiato

I don’t know the calories for sure, but my best guess is around  3,500 calories in total.

What I wanted to point out was I knew this meal was coming, so yesterday I did not eat before going to the restaurant so I broke my fast there, but today I got up this morning and was not hungry, and as I write this at 3 in the afternoon, I have decided to wait until dinner this evening before I eat again. I will also keep my evening meal a little lighter than usual for a Friday, which is usually one of my higher calorie days.

Flexible Intermittent Fasting – Make It Fit You Plans.

My point with this post is that you should fit how you eat around your life, not your life around how you eat. I enjoyed last night, I did not have any guilt about what I had to eat, I did not think about ” healthy choices ” I just had what I wanted on a family celebration and that is how it should be. At no time was I obsessing over going out for the meal, or what I should choose from the menu. As a retired dieter these are things I no longer worry about,I am aware I ate more, so now I just need to eat less to balance things up. This is what I have mastered over the last year or so, and it is very liberating to no longer worry about ” blowing the diet “. Yes I will have done more than 2 fasts this week, but as I say, for this week, that is what works best for me, it is about flexibility,with intermittent fasting there are no rules. I don’t do it every week, but today it just felt right to take a break from eating. This will mean I will have fasted for about 20 hours by the time I eat tonight. I find this  the easiest way for me to eat less, especially when I want to offset a more indulgent day.I did not plan on it this morning, but the fact I wasn’t even hungry this morning made it a logical choice.

And what about the abs you may wonder ? well I still have 3 weeks , but I do have a St Patrick’s day meal out next week too, so I better plan some low calorie days.

All of us in our daily lives have these situations, I just wanted to share how I approach mine and what works for me when it comes to using  intermittent fasting to lose weight.

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  • ryan

    Peroni and pizza…really tough to do any better than that, in my estimation. Both would prob be part of my “death meal”, along with some sort of cake.

    how is the quest coming along? we are in similar spots…I have about 8-10 more to lose before the abs will really pop. these last lbs are pretty damn sticky.

    during your initial fat loss phase, didn’t you pretty much IF every weekday, to some extent? minimum of 21 hrs or so between meals? i thought i remembered reading that.

    • Dave

      Hi Ryan,

      The abs quest seems to be going ok, I will get there. Not sure if it will be in 3 weeks or may take a week or two more than that, but we will know the answer to that in 3 weeks time !.

      Yes you are right, after the first 2 months of doing IF 2 days per week, I did do about 3 months with around a 22 hour break on weekdays Mon- Thurs. I went back to fasting twice per week after around 6 months. I prefer the twice per week, but even on a non fasting day I don’t feel I have to have 3 meals a day, it is not unusual for me to miss lunch because I am busy. I used to do that in the past, but the difference was I would think I had missed lunch so had to eat something , now I just think, ok I missed lunch I will wait for dinner.

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