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Flexible Intermittent Fasting

by Dave on July 31, 2011

No matter if you are fasting to lose weight or  just looking to use intermittent fasting to help control your weight, the important thing  is to use it in a way that best  fits with your personal lifestyle.

I have used I.F now for two and a half years, and I would say the main reason I have continued to use fasting  to manage my weight is because I don’t have any set rules for when I should be fasting. I find the traditional  one day on and one day off  way of fasting far too restrictive for me.  Today for example I am going to a Barbecue, I know I can fast tomorrow, and enjoy today, but with alternate day fasting, what would I have done if this was my fasting day ?.  To use a form of calorie restriction ( in this case I.F.) and make it part of your permanent lifestyle  you need flexibility to make it work.

Over time I have played around with how I fast, though I would say even now, my base plan is still  eat stop eat , however I would still say I have created my own personal way of doing  I.F.

One of the big changes in how I eat is , that even on a non fasting day, I will often still miss out a meal. Other than dinner with my family on an evening, I don’t really have a set meal time. I may eat something  late morning, and then not eat again before dinner, or at other times, I may not eat  before early afternoon.

The difference fasting has made in my life is a greater understanding of  when I am actually hungry, and not just eating because it’s lunchtime.

We are all different, but creating your own flexible fasting routine for what best suits your lifestyle will bring you the results you want.


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  • Alison

    Hi Dave, I found your blog back in May and have to say that your story and advice were so helpful to me when I first started to learn about IF. IF has definitely become a way of life for me (and my husband!) and we too have each created our own ways of making IF work.

    Just popping in to say thanks for putting this out there – your story was a key part of my success with IF!

    • Dave

      Hi Alison,

      Pleased to hear my story has helped.



  • lose weight by exercising

    Hi Dave

    I have read Eat Stop Eat and thought it was very interesting. I had never thought about fasting before I read this book. I really like the concept of fasting for an entire day but still being able to get one meal during that time.

    I’ve debated with my wife whether we should try it or not. I am quite active and I know that I start to fell “off” when I start to get hungry. Not sure if this is just my bodies’ reaction to kick me in the butt so that it can have food or just a habit that I have created.

    One thing that I do believe is that as a society we tend to eat way more than we should. I look forward to reading more of your blogs!

  • Blaine

    I also heard that fasting is very good for our health. It can remove toxic from our body. As I remember, there are also other benefits of fasting. I will share with you after I found the article that discuss about the benefits of fasting.

  • Vane D. Lopez

    Hi, I find your articles to be incredibly interesting. I have always had issues with weight loss and weight gain especially after becoming a mom. Unfortunately fasting hasn’t always worked for me as I continue to go back to my old eating habits after I do it but I did come across a diet called “The Sacred Heart Diet” and even though its supposed to be used as a one time thing, I find myself wanted to go back to it when I need to lose a few quick pounds so I guess it would be considered fasting in a strange way. I wrote about my experience regarding this Sacred Heart Diet on my personal blog in The Vane D Dayz. I managed to lose 14 lb. in one week. Its just amazing what we can endure. I believe that although fasting is not considered healthy, it definitely is a challenge and can prove how strong we are mentally and physically and how we can survive through anything life throws at us.

    -Vane D. Lopez

    • Dave

      Hi Vane,

      While it is still early in terms of research, the studies on the effect of intermittent fasting on health parameters such as blood lipids, insulin sensitivity and protection against certain diseases (such as Alzheimer’s) looks promising. There is certainly nothing to show intermittent fasting is not considered healthy.

  • John

    Hey Dave,

    Would 3 days of fasting in one week be too much? I can take 2, without much effort, and was wondering if 3 would be harmful in some way.


    • Dave

      Hey John,

      it really is up to you. No rules here, if you feel you can do 3, then try it. No harm in it at all, just more a case many find it too restricting.

  • Kate

    Congrats on 2 yrs!

    It’s just been 1 1/2 yrs since my adventure began – I love feeling healthier and looking better is a great bonus!

  • Diana in Fishers

    Hi Dave,
    Just ran across your blog as I begin my weight loss adventure (again). I have lost 40 lbs, found it again, lost 50lbs, found it again and am just fed up with finding it again! I have found your site inspirational and am very much considering giving IF a try. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your loss!

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