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Fasting Weight Loss -Keeping Weight Off

by Dave on October 31, 2010

It would be fair to say weight loss can be broken down into 2 parts.

The first is restricting calories to lose the weight.

The second part is keeping the weight off once you have lost it.

It is now just over one year since I reached my weight loss target. Not only have I kept the weight off, but my current weight is  164lbs, so I actually weigh 11lbs less than my original target.

In recent months my weight has remained around  165lbs. I have lost 1lb in the last month, but these days, while I find maintaining my weight quite easy, losing weight with my current lifestyle is harder.

My main goal for 2010 was to prove to myself I can get my abs showing even though I am over 40. Some days they show, others not so much, but if I am honest, I have not focussed on it that much.  I think part of the problem is I did not think I would need to be below 164lbs in order to have them really show up, but the fact is, I certainly need to drop  a few  more lbs if I want to achieve it.

I set the abs as a goal, so I guess it’s time to deliver. So for next year I am going to tweak a few things in order to prove to myself I can do it. The days where I can lose 4lbs of fat in a couple of weeks are gone, but I still should be able to get close to it over 4 weeks if I can eat a little less.

In terms of the bigger picture though I am happy with my weight . To have finally found a way keep weight off and still enjoy my lifestyle is what I desired most. The abs is just the extra target, and it’s clear I have not had the same desire for the 6 pack as I had to lose the initial weight.

October 31st weight  164 lbs  approx 74.5 kilos 11 stone 10 lbs

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  • ryan

    great to hear, Dave. are you still walking 5 miles a day? and what has your eating schedule been, generally?

    • Dave

      Hi Ryan,

      Yes I still do my walking, I would say on average around 5 days per week.

      Eating schedule has not really changed. I still fast twice per week. Usually Monday evening to Tuesday evening, and again from Thursday evening to Friday evening. Weekends I eat and drink what and when I want. non fasting days in the week, I only tend to eat once before my evening meal, but there is no set time or plan for this, If I wake up and am hungry, then I will eat breakfast, but if I don’t then I will usually just have a coffee. The one meal I never miss is the one I sit down with the family. Over time I have just become conditioned to save most of my calories for this sit down meal, its just what works for me. As you can see form this, To lose a few extra lbs, I have to watch what I eat on the weekend, so that is where I need to make a change if I want to drop another 3 or 4 llbs.

      The only other thing I have done is buy a pull up bar, but more on that on a post this week !

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