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Fasting Weight Loss – Eating Window

by Dave on March 20, 2009

One of the questions I get  asked is how long do I fast for. I thought the best thing I could do is show my flexible intermittent fasting  times. This should give some idea of how you can use flexible fasting within your own lifestyle. The time quoted is when i finished eating, not when I started my last meal, again this is just my own take on things.

Thursday 12th March  Intermittent Fasting start time 7pm.

Friday 13th March. Fast ended at 7pm at Pizza Express . left restaurant at 8.30. did not eat again that night, as I was stuffed !.

Saturday 14th March. A normal day, had breakfast at around 10 am. and then ate as I wanted through the day.

Sunday 15th March.Ate breakfast and lunch as normal  Started Fasting at 7.30pm Sunday evening after our main Sunday family meal.

Monday 16th March. Ended Intermittent Fasting at 6.15pm.  On weekdays I now fast  evening to evening, so I started fasting again at 7pm.

Tuesday 17th March Intermittent Fasting Ended at 6pm.  New Fasting period from 7pm

Wednesday 18th March Intermittent Fasting ended at 7pm.   New fasting peroiod started 8pm.

Thursday 19th March . Intermittent Fasting ended at 6.45pm . New Fasting period  commenced 7.30 pm

Friday 20th March. I finished fasting today at 4.30pm with a cafe latte and a toasted hot cross bun with butter |!.

So as I write this, am going into Friday evening, and my next fast will not be untill around 7.30pm Sunday evening.

The details above are typical. As you can see, my shortest intermittent fasting period was the one I finished today at 21 hrs. You can also see I completed one full 24hr period without food. If you are new to flexible intermittent fasting for weight loss, this is just one way that you can use it. I have found for me this suits my lifestyle, but that does not mean this example is best for you. The main benefits for fasting for fat burning is between 18 and 24hrs , so you don’t have to be exact every time. If you are only fasting one or 2 days per week, which is what I would suggest if you are just starting out, then I see no reason not to do a full 24hrs . I started using Flexible Intermittent Fasting to lose body fat at the start of this year. I started with 2 fasts per week. It is only because I found it easy to do, and noticed that from doing the fast that I was not missing eating during the day that I adapted my eating window  accordingly. To lose body fat we have to reduce the calories we eat. For me this is the easiest way I have found to do it.

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  • Terry

    I have done this just once a week and for 24 hour period. Didn’t seem to get hungry and am wondering if it is working. Only at it a week, the other days I had two small meals each day…… I going about this the right way

    • Dave


      If you are doing 1 day a week without a problem, I would look to see if you can move it up to two now. There should never be a day when you don’t eat , so as long as you are doing that, then , yes you are going about it the right way. I think one of the main things that surprises people is they don’t get anywhere near as hungry as they think they would.

  • http://Zwischeraum jan bristol

    I am wondering what liquids you are allowing yourself while fasting, other than water?

    • Dave


      I have any diet drinks such as pepsi max, coke zero etc , black coffee (Americano from a good coffee shop if I am out ) fruit tea, green tea. You could have anything that is more or less calorie free.

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