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Fasting Weight Loss – Time To Go Leaner

by Dave on August 30, 2010

The summer months have seen me use my 2 days per week  intermittent fasting routine to keep a steady weight. After reaching my lowest weight in 20 years, I was happy to take a little time out from trying to get leaner. I didn’t plan it that way, but with Holidays, and Kids at home, that is how it worked out. So though I have not last any weight in last 2 months, I didn’t gain any either.

Now with the summer coming to an end, and the kids going back to school, I’m looking to drop from 165lbs down to 161lbs.

One thing that has surprised me, is how much leaner I needed to be than I originally thought was necessary in order to see my abs. I made the mistake of looking at Brad Pilon and thinking because he is the same height as me, I would need to be around the same weight as him… WRONG !.  Brad does much more heavy lifting than me, and clearly has built up more muscle over the years. I do bodyweight exercise for resistance training, but I even at 165lbs I still am not there. Yes I am in a healthy weight range, but my target this year was the 6 pack abs in my mid 40′s, and though on  some days they show ( usually on a fasting day )  I still have a little to go.

What was interesting was I noticed a big difference in the mirror, between 166lbs and 165lbs. Only 1lb , which seems nothing, but on this occasion most of the fat was lost from my lower belly.

The thing is for me now to go from 165lbs to 161lbs  isn’t such a long way off.  I may even find I don’t need to actually get to 161lbs, or indeed I may find I need to go even lower to get the result I want, but I guess the next couple of months will give the answer.

The main rule of this test is still the same. My aim is to prove I can get 6 pack abs, but just eating less. That means I will still be drinking my beers, and eating the foods I like. I will though look to cut the calories . But there will be no ” eating clean ” as always, nothing is off limits.

September is a good month for me to be a little more disciplined, I don’t like to miss meal times with the family, but once everyone is back out during the day, it is easy for me to just work and skip lunch. Again for me this is easy to do. I have used fasting for weight loss for 20 months now, so in that time I have figured out my own routine for what works for me.  It is important you do the same, but in my case , when I don’t have the family around, I find it easy to fast and can easily get through the day without eating. I would not avoid a social lunch, but if I am by myself, I find it no problem to get through the day with my black coffee or my green tea with mango.

So as September arrives, and from the look of the UK weather, summer is leaving, it’s time to get my focus back on my abs experiment. Just for the record, I don’t need to lose this weight because I am overweight, the reason for the experiment is because I believe the same myths surround getting 6 pack abs, that surround weight loss. I am of the opinion that my abs will show based on getting lean enough ( which of course is diet ) not by any special exercise regime, or eating ( or not eating ) certain food types.  Now it is time to stop my talk, and make it happen while staying true to the retired dieter philosophy

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