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Fasting for Weight Loss update

by Dave on February 9, 2009

Fasting for weight loss for just over 5 weeks, I have been making some notes about my findings as I progress. Of course the fact I am losing body fat is good, I have noticed that using Intermittent Fasting as a way to reduce weight has become very easy for me to follow. I am not restricting my food choices , only the time I eat, and I have found this has meant I have not had cravings for any particular food. My view on this is , that if I have a desire for a certain food, I can look forward to eating it when my time to eat arrives. On my fasting days , I fast from evening meal to evening meal, which is  6.30pm to 6.30 pm . This way I always sit down with the family and eat the same meal. One of the benefits of using fasting to lose weight is there are  no special meals required, no problems of  I can’t eat this or that because I am on a diet. I have also realised over the last 5 weeks that, much of the way I ate, was simply habit. Intermittent Fasting has helped me notice many of my bad habits. Eating not because I was hungry, but just as a habit while doing something else.I also have started to notice health benefits from intermittent fasting. My energy levels are higher, I am not getting tired in afternoons, if anything I am even more alert on fasting days. I also have noticed an improvement with my Asthma . I am currently checking for research reports on Fasting and Asthma to see if there are any recorded benefits with it. I have read research which  has found benefits associated with Fasting and Health, such as increasing the life expectancy, but I have not read anything on Fasting and Asthma , if anyone knows of any research please let me know in the comments. With 21lbs ( approx 10 kilos ) of weight lost since January 1st, I have to say early indications are that  fasting for weightloss works. This weekend when I and the rest of the family visit my Parents I know we are having steak pie from the local farm shop, the pie is sensational, I am looking forward to it even now, I find that the most liberating thing about life as a retired dieter, instead of worrying about should I eat it, I am counting down the days, comfortable in the knowledge I have found a way to control my weight without worrying what I eat.  If you are interested on using intermittent fasting and   would like a free report on Flexible Fasting and Fasting for weight loss, then please enter your name and email in the form below.

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