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Fasting For Weight Loss – Breaking The Fast

by Dave on January 26, 2010

If I look at the questions I am asked, I think ones about what I eat when I break the fast, and what I eat on my normal eating days seem to be the most frequent.  I also noticed around some of the other blogs I follow, that they are getting the same thing. Brad Pilon did a post last week of a typical eating day for him . I also noticed John Barban talking about his own eating routine and morning coffee .  It fits well with what I was talking about in my Weight Loss Tips post, about not thinking of foods as good or bad, but to just enjoy what you eat.  So as I just finished a fast, I thought I will post some pictures and some information about what I had when I finished my 24 hour break from eating.

With having 2 kids, often meals in the week are based around what they will eat too, so the meals I mentioned here are a good example of that. Monday evening , my last meal before starting my fast was minced beef and jacket potato with a selection of vegetables. I did not have a desert, but I did have a 3 pieces of cadburys dairy milk chocolate with a cup of tea. Then it was into the fast.

Breaking the fast on Tuesday evening 24 hours later, this is what I ate.

I had 2 burgers in one bun ( Tesco Finest British Beef Burgers ) The bun was a malted grain bap ( also from Tesco)  There was a slice of mature cheddar on the burgers. And a  half dozen  British chunky chips ( oven baked ) Notice there is a touch of green on that plate and a bit in the bun itself, a token gesture, but it is still salad ;)  The picture may not make it clear, but the burger was large, there is 2 quarter pounders in there, and it is on a big plate, trust me it was more than enough to eat.

Fasting For Weight Loss- Breaking The Fast

Fasting For Weight Loss- Breaking The Fast

I followed that up with a cup of tea a slice of  this   Cinnamon and Nutella cake my wife baked , very nice it was too.

Cinnamon Nutella Cake

I would not normally look at the calories, but for this post I have done so as best I can.

The burgers were 185 calories each

The mature cheddar 80 calories

The Malted Bun  240 calories

The Chips     around 80 calories

Some Ketchup and Mayo on there I guess another 60 calories

That is a total of around 830 calories

The cake they say is about 360 per slice, but is for only 12 slices, and I have divided into twice that amount, which would mean about 180, but just to be on the safe side I will estimate up and say 250

So there we go, my calorie intake is somewhere in the region today of 1100 calories. As I write this  I am still feeling very full from the  meal this evening so I think the only thing i am likely to have before bed tonight is a cup of tea or 2, so I would say I am not likely to have more than 1200 calories today. As I pointed out earlier, I don’t really count calories fora meal like this normally, but if I started gaining weight, then I would certainly look more closely but I tend to have a good idea of what calories are in the foods I eat.

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  • Jordan

    That meal looks really good. And only 1100 calories for the day. Pretty sweet. :-)

    • Dave

      Hey Jordan, it certainly hit the spot ;) Kids were happy too.

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