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Fasting For Weight Loss – Bad Weeks Happen.

by Dave on March 19, 2010

Well after  3 meals out in the last 7 days , I paid the price on the scales this week. I had gained one pound putting my weight at 173 lbs.  I still did my fasts as normal, and ate less on the days I was not out, but I don’t doubt for a moment that have  consumed 3,500 calories above my requirements this week  to gain that extra pound, no excuses from me, this is just one of those weeks where due to social engagements I have eaten and drank more than usual.

With no extra major social gatherings this week , I expect to see the gain corrected and things be back on track by next Friday.

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  • ryan

    these things happen. you have a really good attitude about it.

    unbelievable how quickly the cals add up when beer or alcohol are involved. i love to drink, and losing weight and drinking a lot are tough to fit in the same program. not impossible, like you have shown, but tough. while i generally enjoy knocking back cold beers and/or gin and tonics, i try to stick with wine…a bottle of red has about 500-600 cals and for me, that will do it for me on a social evening. it can get much uglier if i am drinking beer :-).

    good luck next week.

    • Dave

      Hey Ryan,

      Yes it is tough, and this was one of those weeks, that it was just a bit too much. Good call on the red wine, I agree with you there, and it is a favourite of mine too.

  • Kristin

    You’re right – it happens ! I am new to “East Stop Eat” but already it’s helped me a lot with the “freak out factor” and my obsession with food. I am starting to eat normally again, which is a huge victory after YEARS of either being obsessed on a diet or feeling like a failure for falling off one. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Dave

      Hi Kristin,

      glad my story helps and it is great to hear that you are also finding success too.

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