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Fasting For Fat Loss

by Dave on March 16, 2009

As I write this I am  just over 20 hours into my first fast of the week. I ate what I wanted over the weekend, but I have to be honest and say that by yesterday, I was feeling bloated. I even went for a 5 mile walk yesterday afternoon because I was feeling too full and hoped i could walk it off.

It was my Daughters 13th Birthday this weekend,  so I have eaten differently than I would on a normal weekend, the important thing is my body is telling me so !.  I certainly enjoyed the weekend , but I can also say that I looked forward to  fasting because I did not feel as good as I usually do.

Again I think this is one of the great things I have learnt about intermittent fasting for fat loss, I can now identify how eating certain foods affect me, so while I was happy to eat them and enjoy it, I am certainly more aware of how eating them made me feel.
I have not felt hungry today, I do not find that eating a greater amount of refined carbohydrates cause me to get more hungry , this may be different for other people but certainly increased hunger is not a problem for me, as I say the effects on me were to feel very bloated and uncomfortable. I did a body weight workout this afternoon  at 18rs into the fast, which was great . Only now do I start to feel that I am getting back to normal after the weekend indulgence.
I  do not regret eating what I had this weekend,I enjoyed what I had, and once again it means I do not feel I was restricted in any way at all. I look on it that it has helped me realise that certain foods cause me discomfort, not only that but I feel that today’s fast has been of real benefit. I think since I started using intermittent fasting to reduce my weight over 10 weeks ago, this is one of the first fasts I have done where I see the true benefit of using it within my lifestyle. I was actually looking forward to starting the fast last night.
We all have weekends like I describe here, what I am happy about is that last night I wanted to start fasting, because of how I felt  within myself, not because I felt guilty from blowing some kind of diet and thinking ” I had to get back on it “. I think the best way I can explain it is,  that after 2 days of party food , my body told me I had overeaten, and I was able to recognise it. I also knew what  to do redress the balance.

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