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Eat Stop Eat Review

by Dave on February 25, 2011

My Eat Stop Eat Review

Eat Stop Eat Ebook Review

It could be argued that this eat stop eat review is long overdue. You see I actually bought  eat stop eat by Brad Pilon just before Christmas December 2008. I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life ( 231 lbs or 106 kilos  16 and a half stone for your Brits reading this ). With the new year approaching, I didn’t just want to start 2009 with just another new years resolution diet. I realised I had to do something different.

When I first bought the eat stop eat ebook, if I am honest I did not know what to expect. Like most people the idea of intermittent fasting was new to me.  Fasting To Lose Weight would be something different, and it seemed to be going against everything I was being told.

The thing is when you are more than 50lbs overweight, and have reached the point that you are so unhappy with how you look and feel, then you tend to be a little more open minded. It was that ” Well I have tried everything else” viewpoint that brought me to the eat stop eat plan.

So if you are reading this eat stop eat review because you are undecided if this is right for you, or somehow unhealthy, let me tell you I understand how you feel because back at the end of 2008 I was where you are now.

Let me start this eat stop eat review by clearing up one consistent query I get asked all the time and that is the ” is eat stop eat healthy” ” is fasting healthy ” Brad Pilon covers this in the eat stop eat ebook, but as your reading an eat  stop eat review, and have not read the book yet, let me just tell you that 2 years of using  flexible intermittent fasting has left me healthier than ever. So is  intermittent fasting healthy ? the answer is YES !  But you can buy eat stop eat for a more details of why. All I can tell you is that my last two health checks  have shown my health numbers ( the true measures of health ) to be the best they have been in 20 years.

Eat Stop Eat Review – What is Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat Diet, Eat Stop Eat Plan, many different ways to describe eat stop eat, but to me eat stop eat is best described as a flexible way to help you create a calorie deficit in order to lose weight.

Eat Stop Eat was the result of Brad Pilon’s own graduate studies. This was something that was important to me. I needed to know that the information I was getting was based on facts, not factoids.  Here is what Brad Pilon says from his own website

Brad Pilon Eat Stop Eat

Brad Pilon Eat Stop Eat

You see, I have spent my life studying nutrition and weight loss, and I have taken a very unusual path that ultimately led me to writing Eat Stop Eat.

For starters, I have an honors degree in nutrition. So I understand the classic academic approach to how we should eat. I spent four years of university studying all of the typical ‘eat less calories than you burn’ type of stuff you need to know to become a dietitian.

In fact, it was these experiments that ultimately led me to leave the industry and pursue graduate studies in human biology and nutritional sciences.
Many of the experiments I conducted had results that were VERY different from what I expected, and I soon realized that if I were to truly understand nutrition’s role in weight loss, then I would have to start from the very beginning and study what happens to the body when it goes without ANY food.
Believe it or not, Eat Stop Eat is actually all the research from the scientific reviews I completed in graduate school.
That’s right, my research was on ‘The Metabolic Effects of Short Periods of Fasting in Humans and its Potential Application in Weight Loss’, so in essence when you read Eat Stop Eat what you are really reading is an easy to read version of my graduate education!

Simply Put Brad Pilon Knows What He Is Talking About This is not some diet fad, or weight loss gimmick. In eat stop eat, Brad Pilon backs up his findings with proven research data, and goes into detail to smash such diet myths as ” starvation mode ”

So to answer the question what is Eat Stop Eat. I would have to say its a different but effective way to burn fat and lose weight using flexible intermittent fasting.

Eat Stop Eat Results

An eat stop eat review would not be much good without some data right ?

Ok, I hear you asking what about eat stop eat results, does eat stop eat really work ? . Well, as this is my eat stop eat review, let’s start with me. here are 2weight loss before and after pictures from my weight loss success pictures when I reached my goal weight. I lost 56lbs between January the 1st 2009 and October 2009. I have since kept that weight off, and even lost another 9 or 10 lbs in the last year. So in terms of results, I don’t think I need say much more. There is enough information on this blog about it already. What was the main change ? simply my relationship with food. Brad Pilon and Eat Stop Eat helped me change how I look at  food. In the book you will learn about Obsessive Compulsive Eating andwhy it is a reason for diet failures.

 eat stop eat review

Results Following What I Learn In Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat Results

If Ever There Was A Picture That Brought Home How I Had Changed This Was It !

My Eat Stop Eat Review

They Say A Picture Paints A 1000 Words… Even More So With Weight Loss.   Try Eat Stop Eat  Now

Eat Stop Eat Review – Eat Stop Eat PDF

Eat Stop Eat comes in pdf format. It is an ebook.  The Eat Stop Eat Download, means you can be putting the information in the eat stop eat ebook into action today. One of the advantages with the eat stop eat ebook  in this format is updates are easier. In the 2 years I have owned the eat stop eat book, I think I have had 3 free updates. I think the current eat stop eat pdf is the 4th  version. I am sure Brad Pilon will correct me if I am wrong. All those updates I have had were free. As you would expect, over time more and more information comes out about intermittent fasting, and Brad researches this data and then updates the book in simple English that people like me can understand ;)

Eat Stop Eat Download

I hope this  eat stop eat review review has convinced you to at least download eat stop eat and at give it a try, in terms of your health you owe yourself that much. I am not here writing this just to promote the product. My results and story are real, and those results are in no small part due to using eat stop eat. Not only that Brad Pilon  offers you a 60 day money back guarantee . If  like me, you have reached the point where you want to find something that can really help you lose weight and keep it off, then its time to take action, yes it’s eat stop eat download time !.

Eat Stop Eat Review – Eat Stop Eat Diet  Support.

I realise what a big step it is to try this, or any other weight loss plan, but if you Buy Eat Stop Eat based on my eat stop eat review experience, than not only do you have the support of Brad Pilon the author of eat stop eat, but you have me too. Someone who has used the eat stop eat plan for more than 2 years. I am here to help and guide you get the same results I did.  You want to know what to do on non fasting days ?  Come to this blog and ask me. Wondering what to eat when you stop intermittent fasting ?  no problem. I have walked the road you are now looking to walk, I can help you too, but this Journey starts with a simple step..,. or a simple click in this case.

YOU Need to TAKE ACTION If you are finally ready to make a change, then go here to get eat stop eat NOW !

Eat Stop Eat Review By Dave Ward A.K.A. The Retired Dieter.

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  • Melanie

    Hello Dave, I am very interested in this. I would like to know what you did on the days you didn’t eat, what did you drink? just water? I really need to lose alot of weight like you did (about 60lbs) and when I read about this it really gets me excited that this might work!! I’m 45 and dealing with my body changing due to perimenopause and all that wonderful stuff. I tried eating every two hrs but honestly that was a pain. lol Thanks so much for this great blog, it’s very informative. Melanie

    • Dave

      Hi Melanie, I still did eat every day, the fast would be 24hrs, but I would always eat. During the fasts, I would drink, water, black coffee, fruit or herbal tea, or no calorie sodas like coke zero or Pepsi Max.

  • Kayla

    Hi Dave,

    First off, congrats on your success!!! You have made such tremendous changes and it is really inspiring! I myself have read the “Eat Stop Eat” ebook maybe 3 times and have yet to start because I always get sucked back into the norm where “fasting=evil”…well let me tell you, after experiencing heart flutters and leg cramps 2 days after starting a popular low carb/low fat (I think) diet, I no longer believe the norm! I am 22 years old and now that I have finally finished university, my next goal in life is to get my weight on track. I want to lose about 60-70 pounds of fat and maintain or even gain a little muscle. My question for you is do you have any suggestions on the type of weight training I should do? I know Brad very lightly touches on it, but I’m not sure if pilates with the resistance band will cut it :)

    Thank you!

    • Dave

      Hi Kayla, only weight training I do is with body weight, I am not a member of any gym. Anything that allows you to do strength training will be good. I did bodyweight exercises 3 times per week when I started, and I didn’t lose any muscle mass. Hope that helps


  • KC

    Dave, on the days you fasted, did you still exercise? I’m very interested in trying this plan out but I like to exercise 6 days a week. I’m wondering if it would be ok to exercise on the fasting days.


    • Dave

      @ KC Yes I did, and yes you will be fine. I have not had a problem in well over 2 years of doing so.

  • stuart

    Hi Dave.thanks for your story and success. I’m really interested in trying eat stop eat. Does the food obsession lessen with the fast. I’m looking to lose body fat but don’t want food thoughts to run my life ;) I work out lots want to lose 10 lbs but not feel crazy about calories everyday seems to run my life no fun I’ve been on every diet. Why do u feel this is different approach

    • Dave

      Hey Stuart,

      I can only tell you from my own experience, and the more you fast, the easier it gets. The first couple of times you may find yourself counting down the clock, but like most things, the more you do it, the easier it gets. These days ( and we are talking over two and half years here now) It’s effortless for me. I think it’s a different approach, for the simple reason, it fits into your life, you are not fitting your life around the diet. You don’t feel crazy about calories because on the fasts, you not having to think about what to eat !. You will find that makes a big difference, and you will learn a lot about yourself and how you eat.

      Hope that helps


      • Tonya

        Fasting actually seems to keep my blood sugar stable, and it’s so much simpler than keeping track of the currently en vogue six small meals a day. Do not see how people can do that and NOT be thinking about food all the time–I mean interrupting whatever I’m doing to eat that often would drive me nuts.


  • Janis

    I only recently discovered that this was the way I ate normally. Especially on weekends, I tend to go to bed at 9pm, wake up on Saturday, and not eat until around 4pm just because I’m not hungry until then. Same for Sunday morning. All I have before eating is two mugs of coffee with lowfat milk and two packets of sugar each. (I guess that’s not a total fast, but it’s pretty close.) I had no clue that I was *F*A*S*T*I*N*G*. I just thought I wasn’t eating when I wasn’t hungry.

    And I do it during the week as well, sort of. I like to go home from work, sit at the piano, and just play for three hours instead of wasting up to an hour and a half cooking, eating, and cleaning up. I just didn’t know there was a name for it.

    The problem is, I think I’m not doing it as healthy as I should be. Let’s face it, the easiest way to get enough calories for lunch so that I don’t have to eat dinner is to eat a ton of starch. So I’ll have a veggie sandwich from the local sandwich shop near work … and a big order of fries. That’s enough to keep me from having to eat dinner, but bombing my system with all that fried starch can’t be good.

    Would this e-book have good, convenient ideas for eating one or fewer meals a day in a healthy fashion, not just arguments for why it should be done? I don’t need to be convinced why to do it; I already do it out of natural inclination. I just need to know manage so that I’m not scarfing crapo fries to make up the deficit.

    • Dave


      Eat Stop Eat does not really go into what to eat. The focus is really just on the calorie restriction. Beyond the usual advice of choose more fruit and vegetables, etc, there is no real discussion on meals. In my own experience, I simply focused on eating less calories, rather than what those calories were from. If you don’t want to eat all the fried starch, I guess you could switch to a baked potato, or some other alternative. One of the things eat stop eat does talk about is getting away from thinking of good and bad foods, and more using intermittent fasting to just help you eat less.

      hope that helps.

      • Janis

        It does. I guess just more fresh veg, which I already love, and maybe I can cook rice at home to bring with me to work as a starchy filler. It’s still starch, but like you said, it’s better than fried starch.

        I’m still surprised that this is what I’ve been doing all my life. I would hear about people fasting and think, “No way!” but when I heard the numbers it hit me that was what I already did. It’s not really a what I’d think of as a fast. I just don’t eat if I’m not hungry, and that often works out to about 18-20 hours between meals for me.

        The best part is all the free time I get at night after work. :-) All that time is mine to do whatever I want.

  • Sharon

    Hi Dave,

    I just read this ebook yesterday after I borrowed it from a friend and I have to say I’m a fan already. Congratulations on your amazing success with weight loss! I do have a question though, how many days within a week did/do you fast for? I know the author suggests two 24-hour fasting periods but in your opinion, would 3 days be extreme, considering if it were done every alternate day? I’m thinking of 3 days a week just to kick off the diet, then pulling it back to 1 or 2 as time goes on. What do you think was the best way to ease into it, from your experience?

    Thanks! :)

    • Dave

      Hi Sharon,

      You can do 3 days if you wish. I have experimented with different ways of doing it, really it is what works for you. In all the time of using I.F though, I still find the eat stop eat method of fasting once or twice per week for 24hours the best. I do however still eat less during the week , even on none fasting days. It really is just about what fits best with you

  • Holly

    I take several different vitamin supplements, etc. in the mornings and I feel sick if I don’t take them with food. How would that work on the days you are supposed to fast? I really don’t want to wait until dinner time to take them.

    • Joe

      Holly — I would say from my personal experience, skip the vitamin supplements on fasting days. It’s not healthy for the body to process all those concentrated nutrients with nothing but water to process them with. I tried taking liquid vitamins when I was fasting and wound up puking!

  • Mitchy

    Hi, i have just started ese and was wondering what do you eat when you break your fast. I usually fast from 4pm – 4pm then have dinner at 4 and another meal at 8pm then eat normally the next day. I’m sure i read somewhere that brad eats half his maintenance calories on his fasting days but cant seem to find it now

    • Dave

      @ Mitchy,

      I have not seen where Brad says that, but he does say just break the fast as if it never happened. I just tend to start with the next meal. So if I fast from 6.30 to 6.30 which for me is dinner to dinner,then I will just eat dinner.

      • Tonya


        I just started this January 1st–kind of led by the Lord–and then I find your cool website! Guess I’d better take some before shots now then, huh? You’re looking great!

        Anyway, the best way to break a fast based on information from the Christians I know who do it for prayer is to begin with a salad and some fresh vegetables. I usually start with a salad first course and then main dishes and finally any sweets/snacky stuff after the protein to reduce further the glycemic impact.

        Feels really good.

  • Mitchy

    Yeah that’s what i thought mate, thanks.

    Also great transformation. I’m excited to see my own transformation

    Thanks again

  • kyle

    I am wondering if this plan will work for me. I am not overweight, but my goal is to change my body composition. Currently, I would have to estimate my body fat at 18%, and my body weight at 185lbs.
    My goal is to get my body fat into single digit numbers but at the same time maintain my weight at 185 lbs. My concern is that when I fast I will lose a lot of weight and end up really skinny. Can I maintain my weight and change my body composition with this plan?

    • Dave


      If you body fat is 18% and you are looking to get into single digit, I can’t say if 185lbs is the right weight for that. I don’t know your height. What I can tell you is keeping muscle or building muscle has more to do with resistance training than diet. Eat Stop Eat is perfect for getting to low body fat. Just look at Brad Pilon who devised eat stop eat, he is hardly skinny. Fasting will cause you to lose muscle if you are doing resistance training. I personally do bodyweight exercises, such as pull ups etc, and I maintained my muscle, however I was not trying to maintain a particular weight.

  • Flavia

    Hi Dave! Thank you for your help into helping others! Its really nice of you to share you sucess!

    I did my BMR and I have to eat 1468 calories to lose 1 lbs a week.
    But as I read in your other post, you took a little more out… So I was wondering 1200 calories a day…
    If I am going to fast for 3 days, does that make my calorie intake daily 2100? I don’t think I can eat all that! Will my body go into starvation mode if I eat around 1500 daily? are there any foods that I should not eat? Or as long as I don’t go over my calorie intake I can eat anything?

    • Dave


      Starvation mode is a myth, you won’t have any problem, but I am not sure where you are coming up with 2,100 calories ? If you have 1500 calories per day or 10,500 per week total, you need to be below that for weight loss. 1200 per day should be fine. Just see how it goes. What you eat to get to 1200 per day approx 8400 per week is up to you.

      • Flavia

        Here was my tought with the 2100 cal:
        1200 x 7 days a week= 8400
        If i am fasting for 3 days out of the week, I would need to divide the total weekly calories for 4 days…(7 days a week – 3 days of fasting) 8400/4=2100.
        Is that correct?
        Sorry for all the math!

        Question: how much did you lose in one year? I am really active and I would like to keep my spinning classes and such. Should I consume more calories? or as you said should I leave the calories burnt in exercising as a bonus?


        Flavia :)

        • Dave


          “Here was my tought with the 2100 cal:
          1200 x 7 days a week= 8400
          If i am fasting for 3 days out of the week, I would need to divide the total weekly calories for 4 days…(7 days a week – 3 days of fasting) 8400/4=2100.
          Is that correct?
          Sorry for all the math!”

          Answer – When I fast I still eat every day, It’s 24hr fast, not a 24hr calender day fast. This is clear if you read eat stop eat. You should not be going an entire day without food.

          “Question: how much did you lose in one year? I am really active and I would like to keep my spinning classes and such. Should I consume more calories? or as you said should I leave the calories burnt in exercising as a bonus?”

          Think you answered your own question here ;) calories from exercise should be a bonus, not used to compensate eating more.

  • Punxdelirium

    @Flavia Please do not fast 3 times in a week!

    The book explicitly says 1 – 2 days per week
    It’s supposed to get your body back in balance. But if you are going to overdo it and fast 3 times per week you will get out of balance again in the opposite direction this time.

    So stick with 1 or 2 days, but don’t go over it.

  • Carol

    I started this yesterday at 4pm. I ate at 3:30 yesterday. I would think to make a 24 hour fast you would need to skip 3 meals…but if I eat dinner today at 5:00 I will only have missed breakfast and lunch today?

    • Dave

      @ Carol, yes that is fine, you have still done 24 hours.

  • Jo

    Hi Dave
    Thank you for sharing your success and photographs . You are inspirational !!! I am excited to be starting this way of eating today . I have been overweight for 10 years now ( about 50lbs) since my 2nd child , then my 3rd seemed to finish me off !!! I have tried every diet going with short term success always putting the weight back on . I realised recently that when I was ‘naturally ‘slim I didn’t eat during the day . To busy for breakfast , working through lunch and just eating in the evening . With this in mind I have dabbled with Fast 5 . It’s a much easier way of eating for me not having to weigh ,measure or count . However this plan seems even more flexible and less restictive . So I look forward to starting my fast at 6.00pm tonight and having all day tomorrow free of thinking about what to eat .
    Thanks again Dave

    • Dave

      Hi Jo,

      Let me know how it goes, keep me posted.
      Any questions you want to ask, then you know where I am.

      • Jo

        Cheers Dave will do . Have to say 1st fast of this week was very easy, hope it stays that way ! Feel very satisfied now after my break fast meal and couldn’t actually finish all on my plate !!! I’m greedy by nature so a 1st for me and a shock to my husband as I’m a go back for seconds sort of girl . Have stupidly mentioned my new plan to friends ( all on weight watchers / slimming world etc)who are horrified so will keep quiet from now on ! Will report in in a week or two with progress .
        Thanks again .

        • Dave

          Nice one Jo,

          Yes that is why I say keep it private !

          Best way to change their minds is show the change over time. Use proving them wrong as your motivation ;)

          If you are getting the usual ” it will slow your metabolism ” rubbish you can always point them to this study showing that it actually increases in short term fasts

          • Jo

            Hi Dave
            Earlier than I said I’d post but can’t believe I’ve lost 5lb already after just two 24 hr fasts ! I’m aiming for 3 1/2 stone weight loss to start off with but I dream of 4 1/2 really . I’m 5ft 7 in and my starting weight was 13st 8lb (13st 11lb after Christmas but a few must of dropped a few naturally ) and today I’m 13 st 3lb!!!

            I’ve lost that much weight in a week on other diets , I’m not boasting some amazing result here , I just wanted to say that I’ve never lost 5 lb so easily .

            So this morning I didn’t bother with breakfast because I’m not actually hungry . It’s nearly lunch time now and I’m not hungry ! For the 1st time ever i’m listening to my body and not just eating for the sake of it .

            I love my food and love to cook and I appreciate this is very early days for me . Keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t fall off the wagon but I feel confident this time that I will shed the pounds :-))

            Once again cheers Dave for your great site . While everyone in work was eating lunch this week I stayed motivated by reading it on my phone to keep me focused .


          • Dave

            Hi Jo,

            Great to hear things are going well.

            It’s quite common for people who start I.F. to start to skip breakfast as they are no longer hungry. It’s rare for me to eat it too these days. If I do eat breakfast it tends to be on weekends, and I eat later, so more like a brunch really.Good to see that the periods of fasting are getting you more in tune with feelings of hunger.

  • Kelly Kurcina

    Thank you so much for your great site. I use this program to MAINTAIN my weight. I am very lean and at goal weight and yet I love FOOD! So every 2 weeks I eat a large amount of my favorite foods and then fast for 18 hours after. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

    • Dave

      Hi Kelly, well if it is working for you, that is what is important. Certainly nothing wrong with an 18 hour fast.

  • Joe

    Hi. I am 6’3, and around 200 lbs. I am wanting to MAINTAIN my weight and be able to eat pretty much whatever I want on the 5 days a week, and fast for 2 days. Will this plan allow me to do all of that and maintain my weight?

    • Dave

      @ Joe

      Joe in truth that depends on how many calories you take in on those 5 days. Eat Stop Eat is a great way to cut calories, but lets say your maintenance level is about 2500 calories per day or 17,500 per week but on those 5 days you whatever you want, you take in 4000 per day avg, even if you then fasted and ate nothing, you would still gain based on what you did on those 5 days. Can Eat Stop Eat help you keep at your current weight ? Well it has for me for more than 2 years, but you still need to have some idea of your calories. It is not a license to go crazy for 5 days

  • Michael Burgman

    Hi Dave,

    I can identify with your before picture, because that is pretty much how I look right now. I have chronic back pain and my attempts at exercise even just using body weight have often resulted in significantly increased pain and my abdomen looking even bigger. I do know that I generally feel better if I don’t eat breakfast and there are day I forget to eat until mid afternoon. When that happens it is usually when I am most productive. I will give IF a try, I have fasted many times in the past before but never on a consistent basis and more for detox purposes than weight control. Thanks for the info and for allowing comments, it has really been helpful reading all the prior comments.

  • Emily

    Hi Dave:

    I have been on and off ESE diet for about 2 months, As I travel often for business, it is very hard stick with the fasting during trips. I start off about 140pounds, and I am down to 135 pounds. I’ve seen great improvements on fat lost based on the way I look in mirror. My waist is down from 29.5 inches to 28 inches. However I am only losing less than 5 pounds. Is this normal?
    Also, most of the time, I can only fast about 20 hours due to business dinners.. etc. Would this be effective?


    • Dave

      Hi Emily,

      Yes 20 hours will still be effective. As long as you keep losing, I would not worry.

      Keep it up, you’re doing fine.

  • Nancy_babcock

    Hi Dave,

    I am considering ESE. I take blood pressure medicines 2 x a day, morning and evening and I have to take with food, could just be a TBS of yogurt for example. Does this mean I cannot do ESE?

    • Dave

      Hi Nancy a tbs of  Yogurt will be ok.   Perhaps if you can leave it to say lunchtime on the  fasting day if you are going from dinner to dinner will be ok. Also say you were going from 2pm after lunch, you could have the tbs at breakfast the next day. I don’t know enough of when you have to take these, so I can’t really advise on what is best, but the longer you can leave it the better if possible.

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