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Eat Stop Eat Results

by Dave on March 9, 2011

What Eat Stop Eat Results Can You Expect

I keep getting asked privately what weight loss results can people expect if they start with the eat stop eat diet. First let me say, I don’t view eat stop eat as a diet, as it does not restrict food choices, what you are doing instead is taking a break from eating for 24 hours once to twice per week.

I lost 23lbs With Eat Stop Eat In First 6 Weeks

I started using eat stop eat plan to lose weight back in January 2009, so I thought the best thing I could do was look back at the results I was getting at that time. I can only speak from my own experience, and depending on your own circumstances, your eat stop eat results will be different to mine, but I think that showing my figures will help.

Eat Stop Eat Results

Eat Stop Eat was a key tool in my weight loss success

When I started fasting to lose weight  using the eat stop eat program, I was 231lbs  After 6 weeks had lost 23lbs. Here is the Intermittent Fasting week 6 post.  I did experiment with other intermittent fasting routines, but the eat stop eat method of  one or two fasts per week, is what I found to be the most effective. I personally have found eat stop eat to be the most flexible system, which is why, more than 2 years later I continue to use the eat stop eat method to control my weight.  The first 6 weeks shows that eat stop eat results can be dramatic. I had a large amount of weight to lose, so in  those first 6 weeks my weight loss was considerable.

Eat Stop Eat Results – Points You Should Remember

Even if you use eat stop eat to help you lose weight, it’s important to remember that you still need to eat normally. Just because you do a fast, this does not give you license to over eat to compensate for completing the fast. Calories still matter, my advice here , if you are just starting out is focus first on getting used to doing the fasts, but then continue to eat as normal, as if the fast never happened.

So to summarise, I believe eat stop eat is an effective way to either lose weight, or indeed control your weight. I am living proof that eat stop will get you results.

Is eat stop eat right for you ? read my eat stop eat review

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  • dina

    hi , well done on the healthy you.. a quick question, fasting to me means no water or drink, i’m guessing this is not the case here.. right? could i have herbal drinks ?

    • Dave

      Hi Dina,

      you can drink water, and any other non calorie drinks such as herbal teas black coffee, coke zero, pepsi max etc.

  • Matt

    Hello, I was wondering if you work out regularly and plan to do this, can you drink protein after workouts or is that forbidden?

    • Dave

      Matt you can drink protein at the end of your workout if you are ending the fast. So one option is to work out fasted towards the end of your fast. Of course you can also plan your workouts around your fasting days.

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