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Eat Stop Eat Diet Questions

by Dave on March 17, 2011

I  have used the eat stop eat program for over 2 years. First to lose weight, and now to help me with maintaining my weight within my target levels. Since doing my eat stop eat review I have been asked a number of questions about the best way to do eat stop eat, so today I want to try and answer some of those questions.

Eat Stop Eat Diet

Eat Stop Eat By Brad Pilon

I understand some people wanting to ask me about the eat stop eat book, before they buy it, but the idea of this post is not to explain the entire book, it’s to answer questions that people have once they have read it, or to answer some concerns before they go ahead and actually buy eat stop eat .  Below are some of the recent quesitons I have been asked about doing intermittent fasting with the eat stop eat diet

Eat Stop Eat Diet Questions

Q  What Should I Eat When I Break My Fast ?

A The easiest answer I can give here is to just eat your next meal. In my case I  tend to fast dinner to dinner, so I would just eat whatever is for dinner.

Q I have been doing eat top stop eat and fasting twice per week, but I have not lost any weight.

A I had this question 3 4 times so far, but it is actually quite easy to answer. If you are not losing weight while following the eat stop eat program, then the simple fact is you are still eating too many calories.  You have to create a calorie deficit in order to lose weight, in eat stop eat, Brad Pilon advocates you take a break from eating for 24hrs once or twice per week, but you if you are not losing weight then you are still consuming too many calories over a weekly period. Maybe you are low on calories during the week, but are consuming too many on the weekend?. Take a look at my bmr or rmr calculator to get an idea of your daily calorie limit. Most people are shocked by how low it actually is, I know I was. If you know how many calories you need, then losing weight becomes easier. Eat Stop Eat does work, my own eat stop eat results prove that, but it does help if have to have an idea of your current calorie needs first.

Q I only managed to fast for 22 hours not 24 is this a problem

A Don’t worry about this. Sometimes we can’t always hit the 24hrs, after more than 2 years, trust me I know !. Please don’t think because you did not quite manage a 24 hour fast that somehow your failed.


Q In Eat Stop Eat Brad Pilon says to fast for 24 hours once or twice per week, but Can I do it more than twice without a problem ?

A The reason Brad says to take a break from eating for 24 hours once or twice per week is this is what he has found to be the most flexible and least restrictive. I have experimented with different intermittent fasting eating windows myself , but I also find that what Brad suggested was the best way. Saying that, if you want to mix it up, there is no problem with that. Again it’s about finding what works for you. If you are losing weight, that is all that matters.

If you have a question about eat stop eat, feel free to leave a comment below. All comments are moderated, so don’t appear before I approve them.

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  • Jaema

    Hi Dave!
    I was happy to find your website!
    I have been having a bit of a problem with weight control in the last couple of years and
    have ended up gaining close to 23 kgs; I’m not really happy with this, and am trying to
    get back on track. I have started the ‘eat stop eat’ program. I did a two and a half day fast,
    ate yesterday, and when I checked my weight in the morning, it seems as if I went UP 1.5kgs.
    Is this just temporary? Or have I made a mistake somehow? Do you have advice on types of
    food to eat on the eat days? Will drinking too much water or tea or coffee have adverse effects?
    How much exercise would you rec. per week or per day?

    Thanks so much for your input!

    Jaema :)

    • Dave


      Our weight can certainly vary day to day by 1.5kgs, so nothing unusual there. If you want to get a better idea of your daily calorie needs, have a look at the chart in this post, and use it as a guide.

      You say you did a two and a half day fast, but was this all at one go , as that certainly is not advocated by eat stop eat ?

      Tea and Coffee depends on if you are drinking them with milk and sugar ?

      Exercise for health and diet for weight loss, so even doing a walk every day will be good for you, but I am not really in a position to advise you how much when I don’t know your circumstances.

  • jazmine

    I decided to start on the eat stop eat plan, but i have a question, would it become a problem to be on the pill while fasting, I would really consider t give up on the pill but my cycle is very unusual and i have a lot of hormonal problems if i dont take them, so what would you recommend me?

    • Dave

      Hi Jazmine,

      I am not a doctor, so I can’t really advise on this, but I do know plenty of women who use eat stop eat while still taking the pill.

  • Aakanksha


    Firstly, I must say that the information given is very interesting and has already answered two of my questions Dave. I am about to start the Eat Stop Eat diet and I have been researching everything possible about it. What I couldn’t find anywhere is what kind of food items should one ideally eat during the non-fasting phase? Is it okay to indulge once in a week into junk food or one should strictly follow a healthy diet and stick to low fat and balanced carb food. Another question I had is about the protein intake. Is there a particular amount of protein one should ideally consume on a daily basis during the non fasting days. And lastly, if we’re eating 3 meals per day during the non fasting days, what should be the gap between two meals?

    P.S. I know this is an old discussion but I really hope you reply. Thank you :)

  • omar66277

    Hi, I read ESE and I had a question that wasn’t answered so I’ll post it here, if anyone can answer I would appreciate it:

    How do you define fasting for 24 hours?

    He said in the book you can have sugar free gum because it only has a couple of calories, he also said online you can add some lemon juice to your water because it only has a few calories. So where is the cutoff? Can I have a small snack that only has say 100 calories and still be considered fasting?

    Because it would make a big difference, if I could have a snack or add cream to my coffee, it would this diet a lot easier to do, as long as it still works.

    Lets take it to the limit, if my base metabolic rate is 2000 calories a day and I consume 1800 calories, does that mean I will be in fasting mode? i.e is just a matter of calorie count that makes us in fasting mode (burning fat) vs storing fat.

    Or is fasting (burning mode) triggered only when you’re below a certain calorie limit? if yes, what is that limit? what defines fasting mode?

    Were the studies that he researched on people fasting done on people who had zero food not even a few calories? with or without drinks? Do we know if eating very few calories will tell the body “it’s ok, there’s food coming, no need to burn fat yet”?

    Another question, I didn’t understand why he says this method will burn effect muscle but then he says you have to exercise 3 times a week! can explain that.


  • Hannah


    I have done my second week (and fourth fast) with Eat Stop Eat and haven’t lost a single pound. I have enjoyed the diet and found it easy enough to fast however, no loss whatsoever. Do you have any advise?

  • Cynthia Ragsdale

    After fast break – I seem to eat a lot less then usual due to stomach feeling full. Is this normal?
    What’s weird is I am still not losing weight? Does it affect women different then men?

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