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Eat More- Move More – Weigh The Same

by Dave on July 30, 2010

So a month of BBQ, Beer, Football, and general relaxation ends with me staying the same weight. I have been far more active this month, but also had far more to eat and drink. No complaints from me though as my weight remains steady and under control.

Mid August I plan to start to blog on a more regular basis. I have decided I want to comment far more on the myths and general weight loss lies I see around the internet. After finally figuring what it takes to lose weight and keep it off, I think I have enough experience to comment on what does and does not work in terms of weight loss.

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  • ryan

    Bbq, beer and foots. Doesn’t get much better. Look forward to you posting again.

    • Dave

      Hey Ryan,

      yes has been a good few weeks. Posting will be on the up from next week… time to spread the word ;)

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