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Eat Less Move More

by Dave on July 9, 2009

Weight Loss Explained !

Many a true word spoken in jest.  I guess this is what I have been doing since January 2009. Intermittent Fasting = eat less. body weight exercises  and walking = move more.  The weight loss industry love to make things complicated, and get you dependent on their diet plans, but it really is a case of just finding a way to eat less. In my case I used intermittent fasting with eat stop eat. But it’s all about finding what works for you.

My advice is Leave the pills and the diet industry BS alone. Eat Less and Move More.

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  • Tom

    This is a funny video. I used to make these same kind of comments, and as someone who doesn’t struggle with his weight, it’s easy for me to say. I think Gary Taubes showed in “Good Calories, Bad Calories” that it’s not completely about “eat less and move more.” His work opened my eyes, and I’m much less critical than I used to be. Even still, the video is hilarious.

    Good luck with IF. I recently started practicing alternate day fasting, and I blog about it at I like your blog so much, I posted a link to it on mine.

    Bon repos,

    • Dave

      Hi Tom,

      I have read Taubes work, and the problem is he takes one piece of flawed research. Namely that the obese don’t eat any more than the lean, research which is now known to be incorrect. He then tries to make everything fit around it. The research he shows fits this ideal, but there is many studies which counter his argument and he refuses to look at those. I think the book makes some interesting points , but I did not buy into what he was saying. I tend to agree that Obese people underestimate how much they eat. I know I did. In my own experience there is no doubt my problem was eating more than I needed to, Intermittent Fasting has given me the tools to control that and has worked for me.

      Best of luck with your own I.F efforts.

      Dave ( Retired Dieter)

  • Tom

    I have to agree that in my own experience, fat people eat more than skinny people. I’ve always been skinny, and I eat like a bird compared to my heavy friends. But maybe the question is “Why?” I think Taubes contends that it has to do with hormones, chief among them insulin. Just as a child who is going through a growth spurt (vertically) eats a lot due to hormonal changes, so does a person who is going through a horizontal “growth spurt.” The primary hormonal culprit in this case is insulin. Excess insulin comes from too much carbohydrate in the diet. That’s Taubes’ central thesis.

    Where I do part company with Taubes, though, is that he seems to absolve the heavy person from any responsibility for eating too many carbs. Since their doctors, newspapers, and government are all telling them to eat low fat, high carb, the individual cannot be blamed for following the advice. I disagree, because the information is available, and we’re all responsible for finding it and acting on it.

    Thanks for your post, and I’ll see you in the blogosphere.

    Bon repos,

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