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Convict Conditioning

by Dave on February 24, 2011

Convict Conditioning Is A 3oo Page Book, and it’s a big book.  This is no pdf ebook. If you are into bodyweight training, then the convict conditioning book may just be your bodyweight training bible. I am not here to judge the title or marketing of this book, what I will say is Paul Wade  presents information on progressive and productive exercise in a way that make this book stand out.

What follows  is my personal Convict Conditioning Book Review. However  If you’re really impatient and want to get started on your own, you can get the Convict Conditioning Book here.

Convict Conditioning

Bodyweight Workouts - Are You Strong Enough ?

Convict Conditioning  Body Weight Training And Saving The Gym Fees

Regular readers here will know that I am not one for the gym. My strength training workouts have been by using my own bodywieght  for over 2 years. I like the idea of getting my strength workout done quickly anywhere. These days the nearest decent gym to me is a good 20 minutes drive, and that is if there is no traffic, so in the time it would take me to drive there and back, I can have a workout done. I have learnt you don’t need a gym to do an effective workout, and I certainly don’t miss the the monthly fees.

I know some people think you won’t be able to build muscle unless you are lifting weight in a gym, but that isn’t the case at all. If you want to build muscle , you just need the right programme. Convict Conditioning can be that programme.

I have used bodyweight workouts for 2 years, and in that time have purchased different books on subject. My first goal was to just get some level of fitness. You know the usual press ups  and stuff, now I want to be able to do more of the challenging bodyweight workouts. I want to progress, and that is why I bought  convict conditioning.  Well that and the challenge they put on the  Buy Convict Conditioning Sales Page

Convict Conditioning – How Do YOU Stack up Against the 6 Ultimate Measures of a TRUE Man?

According to the tenets of Convict Conditioning a TRUE man can achieve:
AT LEAST one set of 5 one-arm pushups each side—with the ELITE goal of 100 sets each side
AT LEAST one set of 5 one-leg squats each side—with the ELITE goal of 2 sets of 50 each side
AT LEAST one set of 1 one-arm pullups each side—with the ELITE goal of 2 sets of 6 each side
AT LEAST one set of 5 hanging straight leg raises—with the ELITE goal of 2 sets of 30
AT LEAST one set of 1 stand-to-stand bridges—with the ELITE goal of 2 sets of 30
AT LEAST one set of 1 one-arm handstand pushups—with the ELITE goal of 1 set of 5

Well in my case right now that answer is err, no comment. But hey I like a challenge.

So this is the big step up for me. I’m looking to progress to the premier league of bodyweight training. So what do the convict conditioning book contain ?

Convict Conditioning Book PART I: Preliminaries (Chapters 1 – 4)

This first section of the book gets you acquainted with bodyweight training, and explains it’s history. Were talking here about learning about bodyweight training that gives you the skill and the strength to perform the most difficult of bodyweight exercises. If you want to be able to do a pullup with one arm or perform multiple handstand pushups, or even bend over backwards and touch the floor, then the key to achieving success, according to Paul Wade is understanding how to perform bodyweight calisthenics progressively.

Convict Conditioning Book PART 2: The Big Six: Power Moves (Chapters 5 – 10)

  1. The One-Armed Push-up
  2. The One-Legged Squat
  3. The Hanging Leg Raise
  4. The One-Armed Pull-up
  5. The Bridge
  6. The One-Arm Handstand Push-up

Convict Conditioning Book Part 3 —Self-Coaching

In the third  section of his book, Paul Wade provides the principles and guidelines that will allow  you to make Convict Conditioning  work for you. He helps you to structure a productive training program that is based on your requirements This final part of the book is  basically a section devoted to self coaching. It helps you get the best out of the book.

Convict Conditioning Progressions

From reading the book I now realise the key to success is the progressions. In the same way as my weight loss journey took more than a few weeks, then I also know improving my strength and performing these exercises will take time too, but I now have the road map.

Convict Conditioning Book Review Summary

I said at the start of this review, that the convict conditioning book is a bible on bodyweight training, and it really is. If this type of exercise appeals to you, then this is the book you need, but you don’t have to take my word for it,dragon door website had 285 reviews when I last checked, so I am not alone in thinking this is the book you need.

I will of course keep you posted on my own body weight exercise mission, but in the meantime,  Go And Buy Convict Conditioning And Cancel that Gym Membership.

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  • Paul P

    I own the book and can assure potential “convict” trainees that the information inside is as powerful and ‘healing’ as the supporters claim. The effect on my body has been amazing. My arms have gone from flabby to so strong-looking that a woman in the mall commented on on them last week!!

    This review sums up everything about the book I am not eloquent enough to say…

    I wish all reviews online were as logical and concise as this one. Well done.

  • Dave

    Thanks Paul, And yeah, have to say the book is all everyone claims.

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