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The Condensed Eating Window Explained

by Dave on April 17, 2012

I had someone ask me today what a condensed eating window is. I imagine a few people wonder about it, so I decided to do a quick and hopefully simple explanation of it here.

Depending on the intermittent fasting diet  protocol you follow, the condensed eating window , is simply to the time you take in food.

Let’s take a couple of examples that use this process.

The Fast 5 Diet

The fast 5  intermittent fasting plan, works on a 19 – 5 protocol. So you fast for 19 hours, and have 5 hours in which to eat. So your condensed eating window  on this plan is simply 5 hours.


The leangains plan  works on a 16 – 8  plan, so in this case the condensed eating window is 8 hours and you fast for  16 hours.

There is no fixed rule for this eating window, again, you can either follow a plan the like ones I mention here, or simply adjust it to something you feel comfortable with.  I have played around in the past with a condensed eating window as small as 3 hours, again, usually between 5 and 8pm on Mondays and Tuesdays. There are no hard of fast rules here.

Not all intermittent fasting plans have a condensed eating window, for example eat stop eat  works on a 24hr fasting period, so no food is consumed during that time.  So there you go, a condensed eating window is just  a period of time you eat between fasts.



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  • Hypnotizr Support

    I’ve tried fasting before but I find I always get pretty bad headaches. Is this something that most people stop experiencing after a while? I’m not sure if I should keep trying or just accept that my bodsy doesn’t agree with the regimen. 

    • Cotic

      did you build up slowly by steadily increasing the fasting period? This allows the body time to adapt to it. It’s like working out, if you got at it too suddenly you can burn out.

      • Dave

        Yes most who use fasting find the headaches stop, but make sure you are drinking enough water, often it’s a sign of dehydration.

        • Jane Kohut-Bartels

          I have started IF about 3 weeks ago. I do 18-19 hours fasting….and TRY to stop eating after 7-8pm. That was harder than the fasting hours. TV watching and having something to snack on was the issue; But what is really important is what you eat during the hours when you can eat: For the first week, I ate indiscriminately: packed a lot of calories/carbs in those hours. Now? I’ve settled down to a low carb diet (mostly) Around 3pm I eat a large salad with boiled eggs, and for dinner, chicken and a green veggie, or a little black beans. There are a lot of choices to make on this diet, but I am also diabetic: Type II. My doctor just pushes insulin and pills, and all sorts of tests, but nothing was really working: Victoza worked for about 6 months or a little longer, but then didn’t. I really thinki at 67 IF has been the answer I have been looking for. And…for me, the issue is Insulin Resistance: the more insulin you have (and inject) the more Insulin Resistant you get: The idea is lowering your insulin (body, etc) Then you body switches over to burning fat…which is stored as I understand by insulin. So….it’s a process: I didn’t get 50 lbs overweight over night: and I feel more energized and awake now than I have felt in years. I don’t see my doctor until mid January, and I hope that my A1c will reflect better numbers: Exercise for now is small weight lifting, belly dance and walking when the rains stop. As I said: It’s a process and it ain’t fast.

          • Jane Kohut-Bartels

            Oh, hydration is important: that will take care of headaches. I drink green tea through out the day. Kombucha tea or other stuff.

      • Dave

        I had no problems with 24hr fasts when I started. The first one was harder, but it got easier as I went along.

  • Michael Varney

    Down to once every six months on posting? ;)

    • Dave

      I know, and it took me 2 months to reply to you Michael. Have end of year one coming up though, and promise more in 2013 !!

  • Bethany Ganz

    I’ve started the 16/8 fast 2 weeks ago and I love it so much more than calorie restriction.

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