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Claire Sweeney’s Big Fat Diet

by Dave on January 16, 2009


Claire Sweeneys Big Fat Diet  

Claire Sweeney's Big Fat Diet

So Claire Sweeney’s Big Fat Diet pulled in 3.2 million viewers   only a 100,000 less viewers than Celebrity Big Brother, which just shows diet is still a big draw.

I didn’t watch the programme on the night it was broadcast, but have since watched it on ITV’s online catchup service  . I don’t really get what the programme was trying to prove ?. In brief, Claire , who was a very active , healthy eating woman , stops exercising and eats what she wants for six weeks. So instead of jogging to the beach, she takes the car. During the six weeks, she has a holiday with her friends, and proceeds to do what most of us do on holiday, namely enjoy a few bottles of vino, indulge in the restaurants, and munch her way through tins of pringles, with the obvious result that she needs to start moving up the dress sizes . I just don’t understand what the objective of the show was . Since my Ankle and Shoulder injuries in July I am living proof of what Claire found in 6 weeks. Do any of us really need to be shown that, during a 6 week period,  if we don’t exercise, go on Vacation, eat and drink what we want, we will gain weight ?.Yes she did put on almost 2 Stone ( 28lbs) in that 6 weeks, but she wasn’t exactly holding back, bless her, In-fact I think the dead cow with cheese in a bread bun she had from FatBurger will have done about 20lbs on its own  :) I think the only part of the documentary I felt had a value, was showing the ridiculous body image required to be in Hollywood. Even the healthy pre diet Claire would have been deemed too big for a US career, The fact the US Entertainment Industry tries to make women confirm to something that is simply unnatural , I  find quite disturbing. The programme finished with Claire going back to exercise and eating sensibly, with the not so surprising result she has since lost most the weight she gained, and was working hard on that last few stubborn pounds. Hardly a revelation  is it ?

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