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Calculate BMR

by Dave on September 19, 2010

Calculate BMR  - How Many Calories Do You Need ?

Following on from my post about using a calorie calculator to lose weight I decided to put a BMR calculator on the blog.  I think one of the main questions I get asked on a constant basis is from people wondering about how they go about calculating bmr. When you understand how to calculate bmr, then you will also have a greater understanding of the calories burned per day.Though all calorie calculators have  a degree of inaccuracy, I have found that having a reasonable idea of my BMR helped with weight loss in the long term.

Calculate BMR

My BMR Number

Calculate BMR –  Daily Or Weekly ?

So should you go by a weekly or daily number when you calculate bmr ?. In my case, though  I know my daily BMR number is around 1700. I use a weekly total. I then use my intermittent fasting days to help me stay at this level.

Using the weekly total allows me a greater flexibility because my weekend calorie intake is usually far higher than my weekday totals. Once again, I will point out that this method is what works for me, how you make it fit your own requirements is up to you.

Calculate BMR For Weight Loss

The image you see here, is a screen grab showing my BMR  at 1670 calories set  for  my age, weight and height. You will also see it gives a suggestion of how many calories I should consume on a daily basis if I want to lose weight.  As I mentioned previously I would only use this as a rough guide. Even without any exercise I would personally try and aim for 1200  calories per day, or 8,400 calories per week.  Why 1200 ? well I have learnt over time that it is impossible to know exactly how many calories I eat every day, so I try and estimate on a lower level.

If I am losing weight on a steady basis, then I know it is working, if i am not losing any weight , then of course I need to take a harder look at the calories.

So my basal metabolic rate number is my starting point for both weight loss, and weight maintenance. If you want to find out your starting point then go and  use  the BMR Calculator any questions or if It’s not clear, just leave me a comment.

Calculate BMR HERE

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  • Tom

    Dave, how’s the progress going? I’d love to hear in a new blog post, good or bad!

    • Dave

      Hi Tom,

      All is good thanks, will get a post up this week. Just been short on time, but back on track now. Weight is fine and remains steady.

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