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Body Weight Cardio Circuit

by Dave on July 28, 2009

If you have followed my weight loss journey, you will know I am not one for going to the gym, or doing lots of  training.  I do body weight exercises 3 times per week, for about 20 minutes. I do like to walk but that is it. This video from Craig Ballantyne shows one routine I use. The only thing I add to this on Mondays and Fridays is some pull ups using a bar at the local park.

The Body Weight Exercise Routine is as follows

1) 60 Jumping Jacks
2) Spiderman Pushups 10-15
3) Walking Lunges 10-15 for each leg
4) Spiderman Climbs 20 total
5) Squat Hold on Wall 45 seconds
6) Plank Hold for 60 seconds
7) Burpees
8 ) Running High Knees in Place 25 per side

Rest One Minute and then do it 2 more times if you can !

This routine is taken from Craig’s Turbulence Training Course

I believe that weight loss is mainly about reducing calories, but I use body weight exercises to maintain muscle. If , like me you don’t want to spend hours in the gym but want a fast effective workout, then I suggest you take a look at Turbulence Training.

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