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BMR Calculator

How Use This BMR Calculator

First a quick BMR / RMR  101

BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate.  You may also see the term RMR which stand for Resting Metabolic Rate.

The BMR calculator will give us a guide to the daily calories we need just to maintain our weight.

Please leave the activity level at ”  none ” . The reason I want you to do this is these calorie calculators tend to overestimate the calories burned via exercise, and what we are after here is just your normal calorie range from doing nothing.  To give you an example, as 46 year old male at 5ft 10 inches  my BMR is around 1700 calories.

BMR Calculator Explained

The bmr calculator will say I need to be around 2000 calories a day to maintain my weight, but again I use the 1700 figure to allow for some miscalculations. You can be sure if I aim for 2000, I will eat 2,300. Again trying to estimate my figures on 1700 per day has worked for me, so I advise you do the same.

I then use this figure and work out a weekly total. So in my case I work on a calorie level of 12000 calories per week. I then use my intermittent fasting routine to help me stay around this level.

If you want to lose weight, you need to be looking to reduce your calories below this BMR figure.

Using The BMR Calculator

When using the BMR Calculator make sure you have the correct setting for male or female. Sorry ladies but the BMR level for you is a little lower I’m afraid.

Please also remember that the BMR Calculator is a guide, it is not exact, however it will give you a baseline to start from. You can always move your calories up or down depending on the results you see.

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  • Gordon

    A great way to check to see what your metabolic rate is to take your temperature. Normal metabolic rate is 98 degrees and above. If you are below 98 degrees your body is in a stressed state. It is breaking down muscle tissue to rinse blood sugar up to get glucose into the cell. Using the proper balance of micro nutrition’s you can increase metabolic rate and lose weight.

  • Jack Haydon

    Hi Dave,

    I am travelling the road you have travelled, so I appreciate your blog as it gives me support for the journey.

    Briefly, I weighed 230-pounds 02/04/2011 when I decided to get serious about getting to a healthy weight and maintaining that weight. I fumbled my way down to 200-pounds by eating less and fasting periodically while eating the foods I enjoy.

    I found your blog today while researching various approaches on the Internet, and find that our common sense approach makes a lot of sense to me :)

    I will stay in touch,

    Jack (Florida)