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Bar-Barians Elite Bodyweight Specialists

by Dave on September 2, 2009

I have spent far too long today looking at these guys website I had read a post on Rusty Moore’s blog all about the Bar- Barians and The Bar-Barian Ranking System .

Bar-Baron Requirements

“As far as the physical goes, anyone at any level is eligible to train with the us, but you must meet the prerequisites to be bestowed the title of the Bar-barians Bar-baron. Even Bill Gates could not wear the title of Bar-barian. It is something that cannot be bought or easily attained. Only through hardwork and dedication can one become a real Bar-barian. Physical requirments include:
1) 40 Dips
2) 20 Pull Ups
3) 50 Push Ups
4) 5 Muscle Ups
All of these done in 6 minutes or less”

Now as a guy who started this year 56lbs overweight, it won’t  be a big surprise I am not entering yet .

Now I can only dream of doing half the bodyweight exercises they do with a pull up bar, but I do have a new goal !.

The Bar-Barians were founded in 2004 and are based out of Brooklyn, New York.

I have included a video below of  Zeph who is one of the co founders of the Bar Barians, doing his thing, but you should check out their blog too  here they also have an active forum

These guys are in amazing shape, proof that you don’t need to go to a gym to get in shape. My tip is simple. Use Intermittent Fasting to lose body fat, and do bodyweight exercises to maintain muscle, maybe you will be the next Bar- Barian ? Want to get better at bodyweight exercises, check out convict conditioning

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  • Eric

    I imagine a lot of people could get those exercises for 1 set. Obviously the easiest of the the four exercises are the 50-reps for pushups which any person in even half decent shape could pull off. But if you can perform 40-rep dips and 20-rep pullups if they have to be done full range of motion and no kipping or half-reps takes some doing and you would have to be in excellent shape. Of course I’m assuming they’re talking pullups (palms facing out) and not the easier chinups (palms facing in.) Now if you can do all those in 6 minutes or less you’re indeed in super shape.

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