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Baked Bean Diet For Weight Loss ?

by Dave on January 8, 2010

The Baked Bean Diet

Baked Bean Diet

Lose Bean Diet

We are snowed in today, and as my son Joe  has a snow day from School I made a quick video with his help  to talk about the baked beans diet.   Essex mechanic Neil King lost weight on a baked beans-only diet, but is it  viable for long term weight loss ?

Baked Bean Diet – Why It Works

While not the most varied diet for losing weight, if you can eat baked beans as your main calorie source, then it will be hard to overdo the calories. By the same token, you could have the cauliflour diet, or the carrot diet, but again for any long period of time we need variety. Eating the same foods over and over again, no matter how much we like them will not be an advantage in any long term weight loss plan. The easier solution is just learn how many calories a day you need, and look to eat less. Baked beans can certainly help, but not at the cost of everything else you like.

Simple fact – Only calorie restriction will help us to lose weight. It is a simple process of calories in versus calories out. Your only focus is to eat less. If the baked bean diet is your way of doing that, then good for you, but in my opinion there are easier ways.

I don’t know about you, but no way could I have done what Neil King did.  I lost 4 stone Neil lost 10 stone, so credit to him, but long term, I think I will stick with  intermittent fasting , as that is what has worked for me.

No Baked Bean Diet for me

I like baked beans, but not for every meal, if you want to do the baked bean diet, then go ahead, but I hope you love baked beans !

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