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Anything Goes Diet Review

by Dave on February 25, 2011

I posted my detailed  Anything Goes Diet Review a  couple of weeks ago, but John Barban the author of the anything goes diet has recently posted details of Lisa Etwell, who actually is John’s sister, and her own weight loss success story is certainly worth reading. Lisa has lost 47lbs and the transformation is amazing.

Anything Goes Diet Review

As John Says

Millions of people say they want to lose weight, but only a few of them ever will. So what determines if you can successfully lose weight? The first step is accepting where you are, and the second is setting a goal, and finally taking action to achieve that goal.

His Sister did exactly that. And Back In Jan 2009 I did the same thing.  I still get a buzz out of reading the weight loss success stories of others, and Lisa’s story was no different.

Anything Goes Diet Review

Lisa Looks Amazing After Losing 47lbs

In a  podcast on on the Venus Index Blog Lisa explains the mindset shifts that finally got her to take action and get in the best shape of her life. Her story is real and so are her results as you can see from the picture.. Lisa is a busy Mum, with 2 small children so what would be her weight loss advice ?

In the podcast She reveals key insights including:
Accepting where you are to set a positive mindset to make a real change
Taking responsibility for her actions and her body
Realizing that changing your body has to be for YOU and nobody else
Putting food in its rightful place in her life
Learning what it means to be a good example to her kids
Lisa explains her fears and barriers about losing weight and her fears of even attempting to lose weight. She also talks about her sabotage point and getting past normal and going towards her new goal of achieving her ideal Venus Index ratio.
I urge anyone looking to lose weight to draw inspiration from Lisa. And Lisa if you happen to read this, let me say congratulations on your weight loss success, your look fantastic.

Order The Anything Goes Diet Here

Listen to the podcast here You can read my Anything Goes Diet Review Here .  Want to keep up with what is happening on the Retired Dieter weight loss blog be sure to sign up over there in the top right corner.

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  • James

    Awesome Lisa ! I’m having success doing interval fasting as well (max 8 hour eating window, min 16 hour fasting window). I started on 1/28/2011 at 230 pounds and I’m down to 216:

    1/28/2011: 230
    2/ 4/2011: 222
    2/11/2011: 220
    2/18/2011: 218
    2/15/2011: 216

    I was a little stressed about this morning’s weigh-in becuase last weekend, even though I kept to my eating/fasting windows, I ate a LOT during the Saturday and Sunday eating windows.

    • dave

      Hi James, great work.Don’t stress about the weekly weight in though. Just focus on your long term goal. When I lost my weight, not every week was a good week. You doing fine though, so keep it up.


  • Celeste flores

    Wow this is awsome keep up the good work!!!!!

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  • Dave

    Hi James, great work.Don’t stress about the weekly weigh in though. Just focus on your long term goal. When I lost my weight, not every week was a good week. You doing fine though, so keep it up.


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