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Anything Goes Diet

by Dave on February 5, 2011

Today I wanted to write about the Anything Goes Diet, the new ebook from John Barban.In the 2 years since I started to write this blog,  there has always been a  constant number of weight loss products released. In that time you will notice I don’t comment on them here. After all I am a retired dieter, so what would be the point of  telling you what I think of the never ending stream of diet books and products that basically all say the same thing. Regular readers of this weight loss blog know that  one of my main tools to maintain my weight is intermittent fasting. I do this by mainly following the eat stop eat process. I tend to use intermittent fasting twice per week, but what do I do the rest of the time?, and more importantly during that first year of weight loss, how did I keep my focus on my goal?. Well eat stop eat editor John Barban was one of the people I followed, and indeed continue to follow. His no nonsense common sense approach to weight loss really helped me change how I looked at fat loss.  The one thing I learnt during my weight loss journey was  that weight loss has as much to do with your mental state as it does with the physical side. So many people try to derail your weight loss efforts  due to their own insecurities or by regurgitating the same old diet myths about starvation mode or other misguided beliefs. Is there any wonder that weight loss proves so difficult ?.

So today I am posting my Anything Goes Diet Review. I bought the book just over a week ago, and I believe anyone who is serious about losing weight, should read it. I fully understand not everyone wants to use intermittent fasting like I do, but as I often say on this blog, weight loss is personal, and the right way to lose weight, is the way that works for you. I just think that Johns book will help anyone acheive that goal. You may wonder why did I buy the book when I have already lost the weight, well I will come back to that a little later, but for now let’s look get on with the Anything Goes Diet Review.

So maybe you are now asking yourself, is the Anything Goes Diet the answer to my prayers, well keep reading because I hope to answer that question for you.

The Anything Goes Diet – Is It Different ?

Anything Goes Diet Review

The Anything Goes Diet Package

Walk into any book store, search the internet, or look at the cover of any lifestyle magazine.With so many diet plans and diet books on sale for weight loss, you are probably asking yourself what makes the Anything Goes Diet different from the rest? If like me you have read about and indeed tried many different diets over the years, then you will know that all diet books tend to have a their own hook, some special trick that is unique to their diet plan that will transform your previous diet failures into a stunning success. They tend to come with a certain set of rules such as don’t eat carbs, don’t eat after a certain time of day, eat 6 times a day, no dairy, no wheat etc etc. The list is endless, but the main problem always remains the same. Diets  restrict and deprive you, and this is why the end result is always  failure. Ask yourself the simple question, if these tricks and “secrets” worked, why so many books, and why are we getting fatter? So isn’t it time for a different approach? Time to get back to basics and a true understanding of what weight loss really is all about? Isn’t it about  time to throw away the rule book because to me, it’s clear the rules of the diet industry just don’t work. Well as the title of this book  makes clear, the anything goes diet, does not  burden you with rules,the rules are taken away, so it literally is an Anything Goes Diet. Now the title sounds great, but we have to look deeper than that to really understand how the Anything Goes Diet is different to other diet books and diet plans on the market.

Anything Goes Diet – John Explains Facts not Factoids

If you really want to lose weight, and as you are still reading this review, I will take it that you do, then one of the key things I found helped me was getting to understand what really matters when trying to lose weight.

John Barban, who is the author of the Anything Goes Diet, has a degree in human biology and nutrition from the University of Guelph (Ontario Canada), and a Masters In Human Biology and nutrition also from the University of Guelph. In short, and unlike many who write diet books John knows the science side of weight loss, and has little time for the diet myths that are thrown around on a constant basis. In this book he will show you the difference between facts and factoids.

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Wikipedia describes a factoid as… “A factoid is a questionable or spurious — unverified, incorrect, or fabricated — statement presented as a fact, but with no veracity”.

I can tell you first hand that once you disregard the noise and misinformation that surrounds the diet industry, then weight loss becomes a whole lot easier. Want to know the truth about Starvation mode? John covers it. What about Carbs and Insulin spikes? How many meals a day should you eat? What about exercise and weight loss, do you need to exercise with this diet?  Again in the Anything Goes Diet book its all explained in a simple and clear fashion that just makes sense. Put simply, you will get a clear idea of what does matter when you look at losing weight, and maybe more importantly you will be clear in what does not matter for weight loss. At last using the Anything Goes Diet you will finally be on your way to losing weight for good.

Anything Goes Diet = No Bad Foods

Most diets that I know, all have a common theme of labeling foods as good or bad. With the anything goes diet, John talks in detail about carbs, proteins and fats, and what they mean in relation to you losing weight. The one thing I really liked about the anything goes diet is the fact John does not believe that foods can be looked at as simply as good or bad, regular reads of my blog know I certainly enjoy foods that many would say I should not be eating if I want to lose weight, or not gain weight, but I do just fine. To use one of  John’s favourite terms, the poison is in the dose. In my case this different view of foods was a key factor in my own weight loss success. For too many years I was a victim of the “don’t eat that it’s bad for you” statements. This meant when I did eat something that was not seen as “healthy” I would have a feeling of guilt, which in turn affected my ability to lose weight. In my view, John’s explanation of nutrition and what it means in relation to weight loss is truly eye opening.

Anything Goes Diet Review – A Picture Confirms The Story

Anything Goes Diet Review

Anything Goes Diet - John's Results

So does John practice what he preaches? The clear answer to that is yes. Another reason I can identify with John is because he too was fat. He was not some stick thin nutritionist who has never been overweight in their life, John had the same weight issues that many of us battle with, but he finally figured it out, and that knowledge is what he is passing on and I can tell you it has nothing to do with avoiding the foods you love. Even with Johns nutritional background he still struggled with making sense of the same constant stream of diet information as the rest of us.

Anything Goes Diet  Final Summary

So what are the take home facts about the anything goes diet? Well here is my view.

Do I recommend the anything goes diet for anyone wanting to lose weight?

Yes I do. This is a book that will finally help you understand what you need to do in order to lose weight and more importantly keep that weight off. John covers everything from the mental to the physical side of weight loss. He has advice to help you in any situation.You will learn why your mindset is a major part of weight loss success.

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Why is the Anything Goes Diet right you?

Ok, I am not going to sugar coat it. Most likely you are reading this review because you either struggle with you weight, or you are overweight and want to change. In my opinion John Barban’s book will help you get where you want to go. John obviously thinks it will get you there too, because he is giving a 365 day money back guarantee. Now that is  somebody who truly believes in his product. I can also tell you that once you buy the anything goes diet ebook, then you will get ongoing support from John via email. I know from my own experience, having the support of the right people is very important and I don’t know anything better than having John himself on hand to guide you. I was fat, I was unhappy with my body, and my health was suffering, these are things that we should not put a price on. I said at the start of this review I would explain why I bought the book. Over the last 2 years John Barban has been a major influence on my weight loss success. I have listened to his podcasts and read his blog posts on a regular basis. I identify with his approach, even though I had lost my weight, the least I could do was give something back, so I am now the proud owner of the Anything Goes Diet ebook. In terms of weight loss, it is the first book I have bought since Eat Stop Eat over 2 years ago. I expect it is the last book I will likely ever buy on the subject. I also think it will be the last one you will ever need too. Once you really know what you need to master to lose weight , weight loss becomes simple.  Notice I said simple, not easy, I don’t pretend its easy, but you only need to read back through the history of this blog to know it can be done. John’s book can help you do it.

If you want to start losing weight today, then try the anything goes diet right now. With a 365 day money back guarantee what else do you have to lose other than your body fat?

This anything goes diet review was written by me  Dave Ward – AKA The Retired Dieter. I  lost over 70lbs of fat after vowing to never go on a conventional diet again. You can read more about my weight loss journey by checking the archives on this weight loss blog. To get the Anything Goes Diet today with a 365 day money back guarantee simply click the link below.

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Why are you reading down here ? I finished the review, got a question? then leave me a comment below,otherwise  scroll up and get the Anything Goes Diet Now !

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