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About Me

The Below About Me Bio  was first written on New Years Day 2009. I am keeping it as is, for the sake of history for this site. And as a reminder of where I started, and where I am now. I hope what you read here and on the rest of the retired dieter weight loss blog helps you in your own weight weight loss journey. Be sure to check out my weight loss tips also visit the  how many calories to lose weight page  to help get you going in the right direction.

For my weight loss  before and after pictures got to weight loss success pictures

My first ever post in this site was new years day 2009 You can read I am a Retired Dieter Here

My name is Dave Ward and I write this weight loss blog,  and at the time of writing this about me page ( Jan 1st 2009 ) I need to lose weight. I am a fat Internet Marketer, Domainer and Arsenal Supporter. A 44 year old father of 2. I am also a Retired Dieter.

The Dieting Industry continues to get bigger and bigger, so do our bodies, Obesity in Children is at record levels, the dieting industry is no use, because  dieting is part of the problem, going on more and more diets just makes makes you fat. So after 15 years of dieting,  I have become a retired dieter.

This blog is about sharing the changes I am making to my lifestyle and results it brings.I need to lose 56lbs and have set the end of 2009 to reach this goal. I am using intermittent fasting as my way to reduce the weight I need to lose, no food is off limits, if I feel I have to eat  a particular food, I will eat it. The objective of using Intermittent fasting is to follow it as a lifestyle, not as a short term diet.I will post the good and the bad of my experiences of using Intermittent Fasting for weight loss, I will also share   my comments and views on diet related subjects along the way.

You will not see any adverts for faddy diet products on this blog, the diet industry makes enough money without any help from me. I will post about products or advertise products that I believe help people reduce or control their weight.

Update Jan 8th 2010

Well a year later and I managed to lose those 56lbs and more importantly have kept them off.







I lost 56lbs Of Body Fat

I lost 56lbs Of Body Fat


This Years goal ?  Well It’s get the abs showing and get more toned from body weight exercises.

Also , as I have now proved to myself the right way to lose weight and keep it off, It’s time to tell the world, so I am now video blogging in 2010 ! .


On the Social stuff,  I am On Google  and you can follow me on Twitter here

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  • BodybuilderChris

    Dave how would this work into a bodybuilder’s sceduale wanting to get to a sub-10% Bodyfat level? Would you not burn to much muscle eating only 24hours?

    • Dave

      You would not lose muscle using this approach. Many bodybuilders use I.F. now. Many body builders mistakenly think that if they don’t eat every few hours that they lose muscle, but there is no scientific evidence showing that short periods of fasting have any negative effects on muscle growth, actually when the body is in the fasted state, it releases more HGH ( Human Growth Hormone ) so if anything, the potential for muscle increase is higher.

      Though I am not doing bodybuilding, what I can tell you is I have had no muscle loss in 20 months of using Intermittent Fasting, and I only do body weight exercises.

      Hope that helps

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  • pearlnextdoor

    Hi Dave,

    First of all thank you so much for posting your blog, I think it takes a lot of courage to do that and I’m so glad your still keeping it off, you look great and so much happier. Your blog, (mostly) and a few other sites have inspired me to start counting my calories, walking 5 to 6 days a week, and start some IFing. I’m 34, 5′ 1″, and was 175. I finally bought a scale and when I saw 175, after I vomitted in my mouth, I decided thats enough I have to do something. Nothing has ever really worked for me, I have just gradually gained like I’m sure most people do as they age. When I was working out hard core last year all I did was gain weight, I’m guessing because I was consuming more calories. I will say I was extremely shocked once I started counting calories, no wonder I am fat hee hee, I don’t even want to guess what I was consuming before this, so that alone is something I will always have to pay attention too from now on.

    I’ve been on this new path for about 3 weeks now and immediately I lost 10 pounds right away about 6 to 7 days into this, I am guessing this was all water weight and I have read many reports of people experiencing this. Ever since the first week though I have not budged, not even a smidge since. So I am feeling a little bummed, I was expecting even a half pound lighter at this point so I need some inspiration to keep me pumped.

    I know I enjoy the convenience of IFing at work and always being able to have dinner with my boyfriend. Although the first few times were really tough, I do feel a little better, lighter and Im glad I haven’t gained any weight, (even despite going over my calories a few times), so all good things, but I know it was just water weight and not anything really significant just yet. I am wondering did you routinely loose 1 to 2 pounds a week, or did you go at a certain weight for a few weeks and drop 3 to 5 out of the blue? I need some positive words, I don’t need any cortisol working against me too! ;) Also I’m very nervous about a long weekend group vacation at a cabin coming up with our friends, it will be hard to IF being around people 24/7 any advice? Thanks again for your blog and candid talk. :)

  • pearlnextdoor

    Oh one more question, sorry, did you ever go over your weekly calories in the first few weeks or were you very strict? I have over run a few times and I’m wondering if thats why my loss has been stalled.

  • Jasmine

    Just popping by to say thanks for this website and the advise on it, I have applied it and lost a stone in 8 weeks! Now I have my head around the fact I dont need as many calories that even the various diet clubs etc say I need and the fasting, well its job done. Very pleased :0)

    • Dave

      Hey Jasmine,

      Congratulations in the weight loss, great to hear you have found the site helpful.